How to Cut a Kiwi Like a Pro

Kiwi fruits are packed full of nutrients. The edible berry has ample antioxidants, fiber, potassium, and folate along with vitamins C, E, and K. A kiwi fruit makes a great snack by itself or a yummy addition to fruit salads or smoothies. As long as you know how to cut a kiwi with a quality paring knife and cutting board, you can enjoy all of the best kiwi-inspired snacks. Here are a few simple steps to follow for seamless kiwi cutting any time, whether with a vegetable peeler or a spoon. 

how to cut a kiwi

How to Cut a Kiwi With a Peeler

The first of these step by step instructions is to rinse the skin of the kiwi, just as you would with any other delicious fruit before you eat it. Place the rinsed kiwi on the cutting board and use a y-shaped peeler to remove the skin. Make sure you cut the top end of the fruit off so you see the black seeds before peeling the skin of the kiwi in a downward motion. Slowly work your way around the kiwi until all the sides are peeled. With a smooth knife cut, separate the bottom end of the kiwi and the peeled skin so you have just the fresh peeled kiwi ready to go with its gorgeous green flesh. You can eat a kiwi whole after using the peel and cut method, or you can slice the fruit up for tasty bite-sized pieces. 

Using a Spoon to Prepare a Kiwi

Did you know you can remove the fuzzy skin of kiwi fruit with a spoon? Peeling a kiwi with this method requires you to slice the flesh and the skin. After rinsing, slice the kiwi end and then slide a spoon into the top of the fruit. With the spoon between the flesh, start pushing it around the fruit with a bit of pressure to separate the skin from the flesh. After making one full circle, you should be able to pull the peeled fruit out from the skin and continue slicing from there. Quick, even slicing movements with a sharp paring knife should give you a handful of refreshing kiwi slices. Some people like to eat kiwi with a spoon using this method too, so keep that in mind if you're hungry for a super quick and healthy snack.

Flavorful Kiwi Recipes

Whichever way you decide to peel a kiwi, you can get set up for some exciting kiwi recipes. If you're ready to take your fruity snacks to the next level, here are a few suggestions to add to your must-try list:

  • kiwi, grape and mozzarella skewers
  • kiwi mango strawberry salsa
  • kiwi and prosciutto crostini
  • kiwi muffins
  • kiwi quick bread
  • kiwi sorbet

To make slicing your kiwi and all other fruits an easier job, make sure to use a paring knife!

paring knife made in

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