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Behind the Design: Chef Size Stainless Clad

These three new sizes and shapes expand our award-winning Stainless Clad collection so you can cook in batches and prepare large meals.

By George Steckel
Sep 10, 2021
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We believe the first step you should take when upgrading your kitchen is getting a set of our Stainless Clad Cookware. After all, even Chef Sean Brock, the 11-time James Beard Award Nominee and 2-time Winner, believes that without the right tools, it’s impossible to create an extraordinary experience. Our Stainless Clad Cookware is constructed with five layers of four different metals, designed to produce even heating, maximum heat control, and precision cooking.

Because of your amazing response to our Stainless Clad Cookware, we couldn’t be more excited to introduce two new sizes and one completely new shape to our collection. Our new 12 Quart Stock Pot, 5 Quart Saucier, and 10 Quart Rondeau will allow you to meal-prep for the week, achieve perfect sears without overcrowding, and cook large recipes as they were meant to be cooked, like some of the best chefs in the world.

12 QT Stock Pot - Batch Cooking

Not all stock pots are built the same. Our 12 Quart Stock Pot is a step up from our 8 Quart for more reasons than one. When designing the larger version, we made sure to increase the amount of cooking surface area. This allows you to brown meat for chili or sauté veggies for a base of whatever soup you're fixing to make, and then build it in the same pot. We also made sure the walls were high enough that you could easily fit a whole chicken and a bunch of veggie scraps to make homemade stock, and freeze it for later uses. Our Stock Pot is perfect for those who meal prep or are looking to feed a whole family (and then some).

10 QT Rondeau - Perfect for Braising

If you haven’t heard of a Rondeau before, we don’t blame you. While they are typically found in professional kitchens, we believe they are worthy of a spot on the home cook’s stove as well. A Rondeau’s defining feature is hinted at in its name: it has a wide and shallow interior, creating a pan/pot hybrid that boasts an unrivaled amount of surface area. This unlocks its secret talent: with more surface area, chefs are able to sear, braise, and reduce, all in the same pan, without overcrowding. This means you can line up a bunch of short ribs without them overlapping, allowing them to cook evenly. You can also sear off meatballs, shanks, ribs, and sausages for the ultimate Italian Sunday Gravy, and thanks to its thoughtfully designed walls, you will have complete control over your sauces’ consistency.

5 QT Saucier - The Ultimate Pan for Grains

A saucier is not quite a saucepot and not quite a sauté pan—it’s the best of both worlds. Its defining feature is curved walls, which ensure grains don’t get stuck in the corners, and makes stirring a much more fluid motion. The curved walls also give the pan more surface area, which means you can reduce sauces quicker and more efficiently. We designed ours with a rounded mouth to make pouring sauces out a breeze, too. Our Saucier is perfect for making risotto and finishing pasta in a sauce. Bolognese, anyone?

These three new pieces were highly requested by customers just like you, and we couldn’t be more excited to bring them to your stovetop.

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