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What’s the Best Size for a Chef Knife?

Learn which size is best for you.

By Team Made In
Sep 14, 2022
6 inch chef knife hudson green
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One of the most popular knives for professional and home cooks alike is the Chef Knife. While there’s no such thing as an all-purpose blade,the Chef Knife comes pretty close. It’s large enough to tackle tasks like breaking down a chicken, but also gives you the precision you need for scoring dough. .

Since these versatile knives come in a variety of different sizes and shapes, it’s important to learn about your options to make sure you get the right length. Here are some things to consider, whether you’re buying your first Chef Knife or adding another size to your collection.

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What Sizes Do Chef Knives Come in?

Like most knives, Chef Knives come in several different sizes. Here are the two most popular sizes and who they may be best suited for.

6” Chef Knife

Our 6” Chef Knife is best suited for more precise tasks in the kitchen. From chiffonading herbs to trimming pastry dough, this smaller blade can do anything the standard sized one can do.

For chefs who want more control our 6” Chef Knife may provide just that. Additionally, if you’re new to professional-quality knives, this is a good starter blade that may seem less daunting as you hone your knife skills.

8” Chef Knife

This is the standard size for a Chef Knife, and is the size that comes in our Knife Set. You’ll find this classic blade in any professional kitchen and it’s the go-to knife for many chefs because of its versatility. Our 8” Chef Knife can handle almost any kitchen task from chopping onions to slicing meat.

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10” Chef Knife

The largest Chef Knife on the market, this size blade is good for cutting meat—specifically working with large cuts or cracking through bones. It’s also ideal for chefs who have larger hands. This size may be slightly harder to find, and is best for those who can handle it safely.

What Size Knife Size Is Best?

Knives are not one size fits all and therefore, there are several things to consider when it comes to choosing the best Chef Knife for you.

The three main properties of a Knife to consider, regardless if you’re purchasing a Chef Knife or Paring Knife, are the length of the blade, heel size, and bolster—the small metal piece between the blade and the handle that gives your Knife extra weight). These parts of a knife are crucial for comfort, control, and keeping your cuts as precise as possible.

Ready to Cook?

Both professional and home cooks alike can appreciate the importance of a high quality Chef Knife in the kitchen. All of our Knives are full tang and fully forged by 5th generation bladesmiths in Thiers, France. This means that each Knife is hammered from a solid piece of stainless steel that runs from the tip of the blade all the way through the handle. Not only does this balance the Knife, it also means it’s incredibly sturdy, and won’t snap off at the handle like some cheaper models. Check out this video of Sarah Heard from Austin’s Foreign and Domestic to see how you can use your new blade to chop, dice, and slice with confidence.

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