Our Favorite Recipes to Cook in a Wok

Use our Award-Winning Wok to fry up these four dishes.

  • Daniel Modlin
  • Sep 20, 2022
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Woks are versatile pans that are useful for many cooking styles. From stir-fry, to deep frying, this conical pan has a large surface area and can get extremely hot, thanks to its Carbon Steel construction. That means dinner can be ready even faster, provided you’ve prepped your ingredients and are ready to go. If you’re wondering what to cook in your Wok, we’ve compiled four of our favorite dishes to cook in our Award-Winning Wok.

Chow Fun With Flank Steak

From Eric Silverstein at The Peached Tortilla, this recipe is a twist on Chow Fun that he calls Southern Fun. Featuring sliced flank steak, ho fun noodles, and kale, this dish cooks perfectly in a Carbon Steel Wok thanks to its heat conductivity, and high sides, which keeps everything in place while stirring.

Lomo Saltado

If you’ve never made or tried Lomo Saltado before, get ready for your new favorite dish. A Peruvian-Chinese combination of steak and potatoes, this stir-fry comes together in just minutes. You could use heirloom potatoes, but we prefer french fries. This recipe is courtesy of Chef Kenny Loo at San Antonio’s Scorpion.

#60 Fried Rice

Fried rice is one of our favorite dishes to cook because it utilizes things you might just have lying around in your fridge. Another Peached Tortilla special, this recipe calls for lap cheong, a type of Cantonese sausage, but if you’re having trouble sourcing it, you can easily swap it out for another protein.

Chow Udon With Pork and Black Bean Sauce

While chow mein is a popular dish that we all know and love, it can clump together in the pan and be hard to work with. Chef Ryan Wong of Needle finds a solution to this by using udon, which are thicker and transport much better. In a ripping hot wok, this dish comes together quickly, so make sure you do all of your prep before you start adding ingredients to the pan.

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