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Behind the Design: Steak Knives

Crafted in the knife capital of France, our Steak Knives are inspired by those favored in French bistros: razor sharp and straight-edged, with a slender, curved profile.

By Team Made In
Oct 23, 2023
A collection of various kitchen knives with different handles and blade shapes arranged haphazardly on a light surface.
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Whether you enjoy an occasional Porterhouse or steak night is your specialty, preserving a plated steak’s tenderness is just as important as the cut, pan, sides, and recipe you choose. Conveniently, the best way to achieve that isn’t some time-consuming technique—it’s a simple tool.

Steak knives are to steak as carving knives are to the big holiday roasts: absolutely essential, both for utility and aesthetic value. Getting the chance to use special occasion utensils over everyday flatware makes a meal more memorable—and it’s sacrilege to spend hours prepping and searing a juicy cut only to serve it with dull, inadequate knives that will result in a hacked-up piece of meat.

Our Steak Knives are the antithesis. Crafted in the knife capital of France, they’re inspired by the steak knives favored in French bistros: razor sharp and straight-edged, with a slender, curved profile. We spent years over-engineering them. Available in sets of four or eight and with elegant white or classic black handles, ready to be the perfect accompaniment for any cut.

Learn more about our three favorite features of our Steak Knives and see the difference serious attention to detail can make.

Balanced, Straight-Edged Blade

The steak knives you’re familiar with likely feature a serrated edge, presumably for ease of cutting through a variety of proteins. In actuality, this could be damaging the flavor and texture you worked so hard to build—serrated blades can tear delicate protein fibers, leading to a dry, tasteless steak. Ours feature straight-edged, flat, perfectly sharpened blades that slice cleanly and easily for a tender, juicy steak.

Some people prefer serrated blades for their enhanced cutting power, arguing that the saw-like teeth makes cutting easier and faster. We disagree: We think it just makes butchering your steak easier and faster. Plus, when it comes to sharpening, a straight-edged blade is simple enough to do at home, while a serrated blade needs professional attention.

Like all our other Knives, our Steak Knives are full-tang so there’s no risk of the blade snapping or becoming worn. They are also engineered to be perfectly balanced when in use or just resting on the side of your plate.

French Design

We’ve long admired French craftsmanship for its tradition and elegance, both in and out of the kitchen. It’s the reason so many of our products, from Porcelain Bakeware to Enameled Cast Iron to our Award-Winning Knives, are made there—and our Steak Knives are no different.

Our Steak Knives were modeled after the slightly more modern and exponentially more elegant steak knives favored by the French. Unlike the cheap serrated steak knives you’ll find in steakhouse chains, the French version features a sleeker profile, a straight edge, and a downward curved tip for easier, less cumbersome slicing. In other words: no awkward elbow hoisting or ineffective sawing.

Wooden Storage Box

Each Steak Knife Set arrives in a solid wood storage box for safekeeping until a special occasion (or sudden craving) strikes. Not only does this storage box provide an elegant storage solution, protect unsuspecting hands and fingers rummaging through the kitchen drawers, but it also helps the blade stay sharper for much, much longer.

Ready to Shop?

As you can (hopefully) see, these aren’t the steak knives that come in a pack of flatware—they’re better. They improve not only the experience of cutting and slicing your steak, but the flavor and texture of each bite. Shop our Steak Knives now to level up your steak nights once and for all.

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