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Behind the Design: Decanter

Take a look at the three distinguishing features of our Decanter.

By George Steckel
Nov 26, 2021
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A decanter allows your wine to reach its full potential, plain and simple. Whether you're decanting the best bottle in your collection or bringing out flavors from a cheaper bottle, decanting is one of the best ways to improve the taste of a wine. With all the various shapes and sizes of decanters on the market, we were faced with many different possibilities, yet just like cooking, we believe simplicity is key.

So we kept things simple. Our Decanter isn’t two feet tall, it doesn't have loops, and it won’t take up all of your tablescape. Instead, it excels at aerating your wine, while boasting a sleek style. In short, it’s the perfect blend of style and performance.

There are many reasons we love our new Decanter, but here are three of our favorites.

Surface Area

The main job of a decanter is to expose your wine to oxygen, which opens the wine up and allows it to reach its full potential. In order to maximize this exposure, it’s important for a decanter to have a large surface area. Ours, designed with a rounded bowl, allows a full bottle of wine (750 ml) to reach its widest point, making the most of the space.

Wide Bowl

The wide, rounded bowl of our Decanter isn’t just for aeration. As you pour wine from the decanter, the bowl will trap any sediment and keep it from entering your glass. The bowl lets you smoothly and gently swirl your wine, if you feel it needs to be oxygenated further. And lastly, the bowl is designed for optimal surface area (see above) but is still small enough so that it won’t take up too much room on your dining table (i.e. more room for food).

Angled Neck

We slanted the edge of our Decanter for a smoother and splash-free pour. A 15-degree slant is perfect for this and will ensure that your wine ends up in your glass and not on the table. And the neck is specifically sized so that anyone can comfortably grab it and pour with ease.

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