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Behind the Design: 6 Inch Chef Knife

Explore our three favorite features of our 6 Inch Chef Knife.

By Izzy Johnson
Apr 7, 2023
hudson greeen chef knife on cutting board
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A Chef Knife is an essential tool for both home cooks and professional chefs alike. However, its size makes it less than ideal for certain tasks. There is no “all-purpose knife” as you need a variety, but having a smaller Knife may be beneficial for smaller hands or tasks in the kitchen—which is where the 6 Inch Chef Knife comes in.

Like the rest of our Knives, this one is forged in Thiers, France, the knife capital of the world. It’s both full tang and fully forged, meaning it’s crafted from one solid steel rod from the tip of the blade, all the way through the end of the handle. It’s our same well-balanced Chef Knife that you know and love with a few upgrades. Here’s what makes the 6 Inch Chef Knife so special.


Crafted from our signature POM material in Limited-Edition Hudson Green, the handle on this blade is durable and up for anything. It’s kept lightweight, functional, and it’s beautiful too. Plus it's easy to care for and ensures it won't slip out of your hand when filleting fish or deveining shrimp.

12.5 Degree Curve

Just like the 8 Inch Chef Knife, the 6 Inch is a fully-forged blade that has been treated with nitrogen to increase its strength and to ensure that it stays sharp longer. The 12.5 degree curved shape is ideal for chopping using the rocking method—think mincing garlic or herbs. It is also perfect for boning. While a larger 8 Inch blade is better for more heavy-duty butchery, the 6 Inch can make those close-to-the-bone cuts when fileting, butterflying, or spatchcocking.

The Just Right Size

This Knife fills the gap between a standard Chef Knife and our Paring Knife, with a size and shape similar to a Japanese petty knife. Because of its smaller size, you’ll have more control over each slice, dice, and chop.

Whether you’re chopping chives, segmenting citrus or just dicing an onion, it’ll be your new favorite tool. Aside from cutting vegetables and meat, this Knife can be used to score dough or thinly slice fruit. Bottom line: you don’t need to pull out the big guns when you’re cutting up something small.

Our 6 Inch Chef Knife is a great addition to your knife block, whether it’s the first of many or the latest in an ever-expanding collection. So go ahead, try this more nimble alternative to your 8 Inch Chef Knife.

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