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Champagne Saber

Saber + Coupe Set
A Champagne Saber and 4 Crystal Glass Coupes makes this a Set worth celebrating.
  • Saber Made in France
  • Ebony Wood Handle
  • Crystal Glass Made in Italy
  • 4 Titanium Reinforced Coupes

Our Champagne Saber isn't just designed to slice open glass bottlesโ€”itโ€™s perfected for the art of celebration. With an Ebony Wood handle, and an intentionally dull blade for safe, successful slicing, our Champagne Saber is the perfect gift that youโ€™ll want to keep for yourself. Elevate your next gathering with this celebratory tool.

Our Coupe Glasses, made from crystal glass, feature a curved lip and a tapered bowl, to help enhance aromas and allow your champagne to fully breathe. Made in Italy, each Coupe is pulled from two pieces of glass, instead of three, to decrease the amount of potential breakage points in the finished product. The stem, which is titanium-reinforced through a one-of-a-kind coating process, increases resistance to abrasions and makes this glass more elegant to hold.

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