• Best Pre-Seasoned Carbon Steel Griddle

  • With Leather Sleeves
  • $139
Our largest cooking surface is pre-seasoned for quick, high heat cooking, indoors and out.
  • Superior Heat Control
  • Naturally Non Stick
  • Safe Up to 1200F
  • Induction Compatible
Leather Handle Covers

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Our Carbon Steel combines the heat retention of cast iron with the control and maneuverability of Stainless Clad, resulting in a natural non stick alternative. It is light enough to travel from your stove to grill, and fits over two burners for dual-zone cooking.

Designed to mimic the best parts of a restaurant flattop, our Carbon Steel Griddle maximizes direct heat contact, yielding perfectly crispy edges on smashburgers, fluffy hash browns, and melty grilled cheese. Hand-welded, raised handles featuring optional Italian leather covers provide an ergonomic carry, while sloping sides contain excess moisture and grease. See how this new shape unlocks your favorite restaurant dishes at home.

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