Why You Need Enameled Cast Iron Cookware

A classic in the kitchen, cast iron cookware is beloved by both home cooks and chefs due to its high heat resistance, naturally non-stick surface, and durability.

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Endlessly Versatile

Whether you’re lightly sautéing vegetables, baking a rustic cornbread, or flipping crispy-edged pancakes, cast iron’s got your back. It’s been the default cookware tool for pioneers, campers, and outdoorsy folks for a reason—it can withstand (and do) just about anything, whether you’re cooking on the stove, on the grill, in the oven, or over an open flame.

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Gets Better With Age

While few pans are designed to last a lifetime, cast iron is one of the few workhorse pans that actually gets better the more you use it—as long as you take good care of it. Think of it like a sourdough starter or mole—or better yet, imagine it aging like a fine wine.

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Classic French Craftsmanship

Made In’s Enameled Cast Iron Collection features traditional French craftsmanship and hand enameling, resulting in a sustainably produced and long-lasting heirloom piece.

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Love My New Dutch Oven

Love my new Dutch oven so much. Researched for 5 months to find the right one that checked all my boxes and I am so glad I found Made In. It’s beautifully designed, great quality and cooks and cleans great….just what I wanted to replace my previous Dutch oven that chipped on the cooking surface in the bottom of the pot.

- Mary C., Verified Customer

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Kitchen Staple

This has been so useful for me since I've had it. The quality is great and I have cooked such a variety of foods that all end up tasting great. It has been the perfect size for me--usually cooking for 4-8!

- Madalyn H., Verified Customer

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Must Have Skillet

Perfect size and easy to clean. Not too heavy. Also looks great in my kitchen. Must have for breakfast lunch and dinner.

- James A., Verified Customer


A Universal Piece of Equipment

It’s something you can bake bread in, it’s something you can make sauces in, it’s something you can cover and stash in the oven and let braise and cook for hours. All of my son’s favorite things come out of that Dutch Oven.

- Chef Brooke Williamson, Playa Provisions

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The Hand-Enameled Cast Iron Collection

We spent years crafting it so you can spend decades cooking with it

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