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Will Bryant: Artist (Made) In Residence

By Team Made In
May 18, 2019
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Photo: Kari Rosenfeld

We’re thrilled to partner with artists with hometown ties to the cities and factories that we rely on to produce our cookware.

Our first artist? Austinite, Will Bryant

What inspired these marks and your decision to collaborate with us?

This style of linework is hypnotic and rhythmically made. Each mark is a call and response, which I think there could be parallels made to cooking if you so desired. Upon discovering Made In, I really liked the simplicity of the brand's approach to cookware and the fact that it’s made in America.

When did you know you wanted to pursue life as an artist?

I didn’t really know it was an option until undergrad at Mississippi State. My longtime mentor, friend, and my former professor Kate Bingaman-Burt brought in visiting artist Mike Perry. He had recently left Urban Outfitters and was working independently on so many fun projects. Seeing his approach to making and collaborating with other & brands was really inspiring.

Photo courtesy of Will Bryant

What's your connection to Austin?

Currently, I live here. In high school, I visited UT for basketball camp and watched the State playoffs. During spring breaks at Mississippi State, I would visit for SXSW and meet up with friends. After graduating, my wife and I live here for almost 3 years (2009 - 2011). Then we spent 5 years in Portland, OR (2011 - 2015) and have since returned to Austin to be closer to family. Austin is a really cool place to be, except we’re too close to the surface of the sun.

What's a typical day in the life of Will Bryant?

Pretty unpredictable while also being very predictable. When I have a good routine going I go for a morning run in the greenbelt or exercise in my “dad-garage”. After showering and getting distracted by my phone I stop at one of my coffee spots (Brew & Brew, Better Half, Fleet, or Flitch). Then my schedule is dictated by whatever projects I have lined up. On some days I’m working on site for a mural installation and other days I’m in the studio cranking away on illustration projects. When things are good, I’m heading home by 5:30pm to see my girls (wife and 4-year-old daughter)! When things are busy, who knows? As of late, I’ve been working on a bar project so my schedule has not made any sense.

Photo courtesy of Will Bryant

What's your go-to recipe for a special date night or family dinner?

My wife loves pizza, so we end up at Bufalina a lot for dates. For family dinner, if we’ve broken our rhythm of meal planning, we often just throw stuff together and see what happens.

We know you as a very creative person. Are you creative in the kitchen and with crafting recipes or trying new things?

I’m a really great helper and I eat most things. Usually, my favorite meal is the one that’s in front of my face. I’ll try it though!

You only eat one thing every day for the rest of your life - what is it?

One thing or one meal? One thing would be avocado. If meal then: avocado, grilled corn, black beans, fresh jalapeños, onion, and Yellowbird Habanero Condiment.

What's your dream dinner party? Where are you, who's there, and what are you eating?

Portland summer! Who’s there? All the people that would want to be there (with no iPhones), and we’re eating an amazing potluck spread of everyone’s favorite dishes. I’d be real pumped if David Byrne would stop by. And also Swaggy P.