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Why You Need a Carving Knife

Our Carving Knife has a Yew Wood handle and is fully forged and full tang. Read on to find out why a carving knife is an essential tool to have in your collection.

George Steckel|Aug 23, 2021


carving knife

is one of the most essential tools when building your knife collection. In a matter of moments and a few slices, you’ll have perfectly clean and precise cuts of meat, and few if any other knives are better for the job. Here is why a carving knife is essential for anyone who enjoys cooking.

A Longer Blade


our knife

has a 9” blade—which is longer than average—it is able to produce beautiful cuts through large pieces of meat. If you were to use another knife, say a smaller chef knife, to carve large roasts, you would be using more strokes and they would be much less consistent. 

A Sharp Point

One of the key differences between a chef knife and a carving knife is that while a chef knife has a sharp point as well, our Carving Knife’s point is much more pronounced and sleeker, too. This couldn’t be more important, as it allows you to get into all of the nooks and crannies, around fat and cartilage, and get every last bit of meat off the bone.

Fully Forged and Full Tang

Like all of our French-made knives, our

Carving Knife

is fully forged and full tang. This means that the knife is crafted from one piece of nitrogen-treated stainless steel, which hardens the blade so the knife can maintain its sharpness and durability. Plus, this Limited Edition knife features a Yew Wood handle, which boasts a gorgeous golden hue. And due to the wood’s irregularity, each handle is unique, making the knife even more special. 

So whether you’re carving up a roast chicken or even a whole watermelon, there is no better knife to use than a carving knife. Shop our

Limited-Edition Yew Wood Carving Knife

 while supplies last!

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