Why You Need a Carving Knife

Our Carving Knife has a Yew Wood handle and is fully forged and full tang. Read on to find out why a carving knife is an essential tool to have in your collection.

  • George Steckel
  • Aug 23, 2021
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When it comes to carving up a holiday ham, Thanksgiving turkey, or any meaty roast, you need a Knife that’s up to the task. Our Carving Knife is specially designed to make slicing large cuts of meat easy, and look beautiful while doing it. Here are our three favorite attributes of this Knife that is sure to become a staple at your table.

A Longer Blade

At 9”, the blade of our Carving Knife is longer than average. This makes it easier to produce even slices from larger cuts of meat. A Chef Knife for example, which is wider, would need more strokes to slice through, resulting in uneven cuts of meat. The long blade of the Carving Knife however, is specifically designed for this purpose and therefore allows you to easily cut slices of any width, from thin, deli-style sandwich slices to thicker rounds to plate atop pools of gravy.

A Sharp Point

Another key difference between a Chef Knife and a Carving Knife is the tip of the blade. While the Chef Knife also features a sharp point, which can come in handy with tasks like breaking down a whole chicken, the narrow, sleeker design of the Carving Knife is much more pronounced. This allows you to move around the contours of a roast with ease, maneuvering around fat and cartilage to get every last bit of meat off of the bone.

Yew Wood Handle

Our Carving Knife features a yew wood handle with a gorgeous orange-brown hue. Due to the natural irregularity of the wood, each handle is slightly different and completely unique. Plus, like all of our Knives the Carving Knife is full-tang and fully forged. This means that it’s crafted from one piece of nitrogen-treated stainless steel that runs from the tip of the blade all the way through the wood handle. The construction makes for a sturdy Knife that will feel balanced in your hand as you carve slices from your meat of choice.

Ready to Shop?

No matter what you’re carving up this holiday season, do it with the elegance and precision provided to you by our Carving Knife. Its long blade helps keep your slices even, while the sharp point ensures you get the most meat off the bone as possible. The yew wood handle adds a splash of natural color to any table, no matter the occasion. With its blend of beauty and functionality, our Carving Knife is the perfect addition to any knife block.

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