4 Types of Drinking Glasses

4 Types of Drinking Glasses

George Steckel|May 04, 2021


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to use, and selecting the right glassware options. There are so many different types of drinking glasses on the market, and while it may not seem completely necessary to have specific glasses for their purposes, we’re here to change your mind. Many different factors go into the shape, design, feel, and manufacturing of wine glasses, beer glasses, cocktail glasses, and drinking glasses. All of Made In’s glassware collection is crafted in Italy from the best raw materials and with a sustainable manufacturing practice. In this blog post, we’ll be covering white and red wine glasses, beer glasses, and drinking glasses. We’ll talk about the design of them and what is best to serve in them. Let’s get started.

What are the Different Types of Glassware?

Like we mentioned above, the main types of glassware are wine glasses, beer glasses, cocktail glasses, and drinking glasses.

Red Wine Glasses

Red wine glasses

are larger compared to their counterpart, the white wine glass. Almost every red wine benefits from exposure to air, allowing the wine to reach its fullest potential and the tannins to soften. Having a large bowl and more capacity to drink from allows red wine to breathe and open up or oxygenate. There are specifics types of red wine glasses, whether it be a cabernet glass or burgundy glass. However, we believe the ideal red wine glass is a Bordeaux glass, which we offer! 

The flat bowl acts as a natural decanter, and with a large capacity, you can swirl your wine with ease. It also features a timeless look and can be dressed up for special occasions or used for a wine night with your friends.

White Wine Glasses

White wine glasses

are smaller than red wine glasses to keep the aromas and floral notes of white wine in the glass. The smaller capacity and stemmed nature of the glass also keeps the wine at its intended temperature for a more extended period of time. 

Made In’s white wine glass features a shared design as the red wine glass. Although it was designed as a chardonnay glass, it is perfect for any type of white wine beverage, whether that be a Vinho Verde or Chenin Blanc. The white wine glass is also much better for

serving champagne

than flutes. While a champagne flute preserves the bubbles, it completely hinders the aromas and flavors of champagne. Using a white wine glass allows the sparkling wine to fully breathe and develop, so if you’re spending top-dollar on champagne, don’t waste it with using a champagne flute.

Drinking Glasses

Having a collection of sleek and modern-looking

drinking glasses

is a fantastic way to elevate the feel of your kitchen. While drinking glasses are primarily used for water, they are also perfect for juices, smoothies, soft drinks, and everything in between. Ideally, drinking glasses are around 15 ounces in size. Should you choose to outfit your kitchen with two sizes, look for one glass around 12 ounces and another around 18 ounces. 

Beer Glasses

There are many beer glass shape varieties. You have pint glasses, tulip glasses, pilsner glasses, mugs, and teku glasses. Each beer glass can be used for a different style of beer. The tulip glass is perfect for ales, the pilsner glass is obviously great for pilsner beers, but also lagers, and pint glass is quite utilitarian.

Our favorite beer glass is the Teku glass, as it combines the best of many beer glasses. It features a tulip-like bowl that sits on top of a stem. The stemmed glass allows your hands to stay away from the bowl and will keep your beer nice and cold. With the glass featuring a large base, a narrower body, and then a wide opening at the top, it keeps the aromas in your glass and allows you to experience it in its entirety. The teku glass is ideal for all beer types, as well.

Cocktail Glasses

The most variety of glassware falls under the category of cocktail glasses. You have a highball glass, shot glass, martini glass, margarita glass, collins glass, coupe glass, brandy snifter, and hurricane glass. Do you get the idea? There are many more to be named as well, and as you can probably guess, you don’t need all of these cocktail glass options. Some of our personal favorites are the collins glass and nick and nora glass. The collins glass is perfect for a mixed drink served with ice. Nick and Nora glasses are great for martinis, negronis, and boulevardiers.

Can I use my Glassware Interchangeably?

Absolutely. While most glasses are designed for specific uses, you can definitely use your glassware for other uses than what they’re intended for. Aperol spritzes and other summer cocktails work great in our wine glasses. Chilled red wine can totally be served in white wine glasses to preserve its temperature. We love serving cocktails, whether it be a manhattan or amaro spritz in our drinking glass, as well.

We believe that having two types of wine glasses (red and white), a set of drinking glasses, and beer glasses is perfect for your home. The versatility of each of these options gives you everything you need to serve whatever drinks you can think of!

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