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Made In's Inaugural Glassware Collection

By George Steckel
Jan 28, 2021
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If you want the best sushi, you go to Japan. The best croissants? Paris. The best poutine? Quebec. The best glassware? Well, that would be Italy, which is why Made In’s inaugural glassware collection is made in Parma. Our glassware manufacturing partners have been crafting glassware for centuries, and our red wine, white wine, and drinking glasses have impeccable qualities that will have you questioning what you’ve been drinking out of your whole life. When it comes to wine glasses (don’t worry, we’ll get to the drinking glass, too), there are a couple of things that make them stand out: shape, feel, and taste. These three characteristics are essential to our glassware, so let’s dive in. 


Our two wine glasses start with the same shape and then contrast in size, which is intentional and important. Let’s start with the red wine glass. We went with a classic Bordeaux style shape as it’s the best style for all-around red wine drinking. The defining feature of this glass’s shape is the flat bowl, which allows for natural aeration, an essential element of drinking red wine. So yes, our red wine glass is both a glass and a decanter. They’re that good. So the next time you’re slicing into a ribeye, tossing your pasta in with a ragu, or binge-watching Scandal, pour a cab, a barbera, a malbec, or whatever you have lying around into this glass and enjoy!

Our white wine glass, a classic Chardonnay shape, holds eight fewer ounces and is about an inch shorter than our red wine glass. This difference in capacity is important because it keeps the white wine at its ideal serving temperature for a longer period of time. The smaller size is also able to preserve delicate aromas and keep them within the glass. Everyone knows sniff is one of the six S’s of wine tasting, b. Our white wine glasses are perfect for champagne (word on the street is that flutes are out) and spritzes, as well. There’s no limit to what the white wine glass can hold, whether it’s an oaky chardonnay, chablis, or my favorite, muscadet.

"Im looking for a glass that enhances the wine to the point where the wine overtakes the glass and the glass sort of falls away and you get to have a full, beautiful experience of what’s in your glass. I think this glass does that beautifully" - Sarah Thomas, former sommelier at Le Bernardin


Another component of glassware is how it feels in the hand. Obviously, a glass that is too heavy or too light will feel out of place and wrong. A glass should be balanced in the hand so that no matter how it’s held, there is a sense of equilibrium throughout the body of the glass.

Made In’s wine glasses are formed from two pieces of glass, rather than three, which is the more common method. This results in the thinnest machine pulled glass you can get. The stem is pinched in the center, making your wine easier to swirl, which leads to stronger aromas and more aeration. The stem also gets a titanium-reinforced treatment, which is exclusive to our manufacturer’s style of production. This treatment hardens the glass’s surface and increases its resistance to abrasion and breakage by 140%.


Thinking that the glass used can improve the taste of wine might sound odd. A fork isn’t going to change how your food tastes. But here we are and yes, these wine glasses are designed to enhance the taste of your wine. With the bowl-shaped bottom, your wine is naturally aerated giving it a chance to “breathe.” The bowl also ensures a smooth and aromatic flow of the wine from the glass to your mouth. The glasses were designed to create a superior mouthfeel by creating a perfect equilibrium among the different components of the flavor. These wine glasses will enhance your drinking experience. We apologize in advance for your old glassware; you won’t be able to go back to those once you own Made In wine glasses.


All of Made In’s glassware is dishwasher safe. And we really mean that. After 4,000 industrial washing cycles, there was no loss of transparency or brilliance in the glasses. If you choose to opt for handwashing, simply use a tiny amount of soap and warm water. Hold the glass by the bowl for maximum control. Once washed, dry immediately with a microfiber cloth to keep your glass in pristine condition.

It’s really quite simple. Made In glassware will elevate your drinking experience. Our drinking glass is made from the same glass as our wine glasses and is perfect for cocktails, lemonade, and everything in between. They’re also dishwasher friendly and are in a sleek, modern design that will stand out on your dinner table. So whether it’s Two Buck Chuck or a bottle of Chateau Latour, pour it into a glass that was made by people who care about elevating the drinking experience on all fronts.