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How To: Butter Sauce

Team Made In|Feb 24, 2019

Celebrity Chef Tom Colicchio Teaches Us a Very Versatile Butter Sauce

Chef Tom Colicchio shows us how to make a very versatile melted butter sauce. This sauce can be made in batches and used for anything from chicken and lamb to butter poaching lobster. You can also add this to potatoes or as a base to a sauce.

Steps For Making the Perfect Melted Butter Sauce:

The trick for this technique is to heat up the sauce without having it separate or “break.”

Start with adding water to your

saucier pan

and heating it up on simmer.

Add your desired amount of butter to the heated up water.

Start whisking immediately and lower the temperature.

Make sure your butter sauce does not break. Even heat is a key to a sauce not breaking on you, so you need a

quality saucier pan


Don’t let your butter sauce boil. If you notice things are getting a bit too greasy, you can add some more water.

Product Used in Video:

Stainless Steel Saucier Pan

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