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5 Reasons Why the Griddle Is the Ultimate Pan for Meal Prep

In case you needed another reason to make it a permanent fixture on your stovetop.

By Emily Borst
Sep 8, 2023
chicken on griddle
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Like all good things in life, meal prep requires a bit of upfront effort—but most of the time, it will be well worth it. If you’re looking for a tool that minimizes the amount of effort it takes, look no further than the Carbon Steel Griddle.

Perfect for meal preps small and large, the Griddle will make prepping breakfast, lunch, or dinner easier than ever before—and taste better, too. Here are five reasons why the Griddle is the ultimate meal prep accessory you should add to your lineup.

1. Large Cooking Surface Area

breakfast on griddles

At 8.5” x 17.5”, the Griddle offers the largest surface area we offer, with nearly 150 square inches of flat, even cooking surface. This means you can prep your meals for the week all in one pan without dirtying additional dishes—or spending more time cleaning up than you did cooking.

2. Dual-Zone Heating Capabilities

food on griddle

A two-burner Griddle does so much more than look chic on half your stovetop—it also unlocks dual-burner cooking capabilities. This means you can sear chicken over high heat on one end, while slowly sautéing peppers and onions on the other. Meal prep has never been so efficient.

3. Naturally Non Stick Surface

griddle with pancakes

Our Griddle comes seasoned with a mixture of basso, coconut, and sunflower oils, so you can skip the initial seasoning and start cooking with it straight away. This seasoning shortcut kicks off the seasoning process that results in a naturally non stick surface, so you can cook any number of delicate or stick-prone ingredients for your meal prep.

4. Fast Heat Response

griddle with press grilled cheese

The Griddle solves a common quandary for those of us who understand the logic of meal prep, but don’t relish the idea of dedicating an entire day to cooking food we can’t eat until tomorrow at the earliest. Carbon steel construction means unbeatable temperature control, heat retention, and responsiveness, so you can spend less time cooking and more time patting yourself on the back.

5. Versatile Cooking Applications

chicken and asparagus on griddle

The Griddle was designed to mimic the best parts of a restaurant flattop, and you can meal prep just as many dishes on it (no matter how they’re cooked). Whether you’re scrambling eggs, searing chicken, or grilling vegetables, you can break out one pan to rule them all.

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Our Carbon Steel Griddle was designed to be the ultimate companion—for grilling, breakfast, or meal prep. With Carbon Steel construction and our largest cooking surface, this is the only pan you’ll need for meal prepping.