5 Must-Buy Cookware Gifts for New Home Cooks

By Hilary Sheinbaum
Jun 1, 2021
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Summer brings lighter fare while winter brings heartier meals — but regardless of the season, there’s no better time than the present for anyone (including you!) to start cooking. Between seasonal holidays, birthdays, and celebrations year-round, cookware is always a practical and thoughtful gift for these milestones and more, ranging from graduation, matrimony, buying a new home, adding members to the family, and beyond!

For recipients who are mixing, baking, and serving food for the first (or second) time, there are a variety of options to help establish a new pastime or routine. Read on for 5 Cookware Gifts that will delight (and help) new home cooks at home. (Choose wisely: if you’re lucky, they may return the favor and bake you something tasty as a thank you!)

Dinner Plates

Especially for new grads, newlyweds, and anyone embarking on a recent life change: a set of 10” plates isn’t just lovely; it’s a necessity. (Needless to say, it’s a kitchen staple for meals and snacks alike.) On durable high alumina china, plates are available with white, navy, or red rims, adding a little flair to the table in packs of four. To boot: a unique glazing process makes these resistant to bacteria and dishwasher safe while also protecting them from scratches. (Your new home cook can stack and cut on top of these with ease and no repercussions.)


On the subject of setting the table, if your gift recipient is moving to a new kitchen — and eats non-finger foods — they’ll likely need forks, knives, and spoons to consume salads, proteins, and cereals! With options of 4 or 8 place settings (20 and 40 pieces, respectively), the Italian-made utensils are more stain-resistant and durable than most silver-plated flatware. The stainless steel forks, spoons, and knives hold classic shapes, making them timeless and also perfect for any dining experience — for casual fare with housemates or dressed up dinners with guests. (Pro gifting tip: for a combined gift of tableware and flatware, opt for Tabletop settings.)

Non Stick Frying Pan

Whether your novice home chef plans to make bacon at breakfast, whip up a savory dinner casserole, or reheat leftovers, a non stick frying pan is critical for easy operation. This seriously slippery non stick pan is coated multiple times, making them extra durable and degradation resistant, meaning they’ll last anniversary after anniversary for those happy couples celebrating marriage and making meals together. On the subject of cooking with loved ones (or roommates): the pan comes in three sizes: 8”, 10”, and 12”. The latter can hold up to four over-easy eggs, which is excellent (and dare we say, imperative?) if they’re cooking for more than one hungry eater at a time.

The Starter Set

For a more elaborate stovetop collection — in anticipation of learning to make and perfect new dishes — this Starter Set includes a variety of products includes six items, including a 10” Stainless Steel Frying Pan, a 10” Blue Carbon Steel Frying Pan, a 2QT Saucepan with a lid, an 8QT Stockpot with a lid, and a 2 oz. can of Carbon Steel Seasoning Wax. With these cooking essentials, new home chefs can opt to make pasta, sautéed fish, and every other staple in one’s diet — even with limited cabinet space. The options are endless, even if storage is not.

9x13 Rectangular Baking Dish

For a sweet-hearted friend with a sweet tooth: this vessel is perfect for cakes, brownies, and crumbles galore — not to mention baked pasta dishes. The French-made porcelain bakeware is safe in temps up to 650 degrees, is non-porous, and thermal-shock resistant — so your novice cook doesn’t have to fret about cracking vessels if they bring a dish from an extreme temperature to another. In pure white true porcelain, with a hand-painted decor, the receptacle isn’t just durable — it’s beautiful for serving, too. 

With these five cookware gifts, new cooks won’t just be celebrating their special occasions — they’ll be whipping up meals and dishes for future commemorations to come.