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Exploring the World at Home Through Restaurants

Vonnie Williams|Jan 21, 2021

If there’s one thing a lot of us miss, it’s restaurants. They’re ground central for celebrations, happy hours, when we’re having a not-so-great day, or if we’re feeling fancy and want to treat ourselves. Restaurants also serve as places of cultural exploration—where else can you experience a glimpse of the world without a passport?

We’ve seen how special restaurants are in our lives and how important it is to support them. And while international borders are closed, there’s no reason why we can’t explore the world right from home. So without ado, here are some of the must-try cuisines that you should consider for your next takeout order—we’re betting that you’ll discover a new favorite! And when you get home, make sure to plate your wonderful food on

gorgeous plates, bowls, and serving platters

. It'll be just like dining out!

Vietnamese (Asia)

If you’ve ever been to Southeast Asia, then you know the food is top-notch—sweet, salty, umami, and sour flavors play harmoniously in just one dish. Next time you’re hankering for something warm and cozy, try out one of Vietnam’s signature dishes, pho. Slowly simmered chicken or beef broth is added to a bowl, along with chewy rice noodles, tender beef slices, and crunchy veggies, making it perfect for a winter night. Feeling a little fancy? Pour your pho into one of our

side bowls

, and you’re all set!

Ethiopian (Africa)

With over 54 countries, the African continent’s cuisines are as vast and diverse as they come. Many cuisines are based on centuries-old traditions, like vegan- and omnivore-friendly Ethiopian cuisine. The foundation for many Ethiopian dishes is injera, a spongy, slightly tangy flatbread made from teff, a super grain. The beauty of Ethiopian cuisine is that there’s so much variety—try out Doro Wat (chicken simmered in butter, onion, chili, and berbere), or go completely vegan with Shiro, chickpeas sauteèd with minced onions, garlic, and ginger. Grab a friend and plate on one of our

serving platters

and enjoy a true Ethiopian dining experience!

Portuguese (Europe)

Europe is known as one of the cultural (and food) capitals of the world. Portuguese food may not get as much attention as, say, France, but trust us—if you can try out some of Portugal’s food, you won’t be disappointed! Case in point: the Francesinha, a sandwich typically made with ham, sausage, and cheese inside, then doused in rich, beer-infused sauce with a sunny side egg on top. Enough said.

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Peruvian (South America)

While Spanish is the most spoken language in South America, the commonalities stop there. Food is no exception—take a look at Peru’s national dish, ceviche. Fresh fish is a religion in Peruvian cuisine, and ceviche is taken


seriously. Ceviche always starts with uber-fresh fish, marinated in citrus juice, salt, chili rocoto peppers (for a welcoming hit of heat), red onions, and cilantro. Serve on an

appetizer plate

with steamed sweet potatoes and crunchy corn nuts for a little texture; it’s easy to see why this dish is loved by a whole nation!

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