The 5 Glasses Every Home Bar Needs

Using the right glassware isn't just about looks. From Beer glasses, to Coupes, here's what you need.

By Team Made In
Oct 11, 2021
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Building a versatile glassware cabinet is all about trusting the process, not unlike honing your skills over the grill. The classic shapes are essential starting points for a well-run, home bar. Whether you’re a beer-drinker, wine-fanatic, cocktail-sipper, or all three and then some, having the right types of glasses is essential. When you put the right drink in the right vessel, it just tastes that much better. Almost like it was designed for the job.

Beer Glasses

You really shouldn’t be drinking your beer out of the can, a pint glass, or just some random shaped glass you have lying around. To experience the full depth of flavor your craft brews have to offer, we recommend these glasses. Built with a curved lip to stack all of that delicious foam, an angled wide bowl to keep the aromas within nostril’s reach, and a titanium reinforced stem to keep your beer colder, longer, this glass is perfect for anything from IPAs to Stouts to even a Gose.

Coupe Glasses

Legend has it that the coupe glass was modeled after Marie Antoinette’s, well, assets. Ours was most certainly not. Whether you’re sipping champagne or whipping up a Martini at home, the tapered lip makes it better than a champagne flute and an easy-sipping party essential. It’s even dishwasher safe, so once the party’s over, cleaning up is a breeze. It's also the perfect martini glass.

Drinking Glasses

A good set of drinking glasses is a must for any home bar. Whether you’re just drinking water (hydration is key) or mixing up a Negroni, these glasses are some of the sleekest you’ll find. With a thin lip, and crystal clear design, these glasses aren’t just beautiful, they’re durable enough to be used on a nightly basis. And trust us, once you start using them, the rest of your glasses will start picking up dust.

Red Wine Glasses

With a large bowl, a long stem, and a taper towards the rim of the glass, these Red Wine Glasses are perfect for your Burgundy, Napa Cabernets, or even Merlot (we won’t judge). Designed to oxygenate the tannins and limit acidity while opening up the bottle’s full range of aromas and flavors, these dishwasher safe glasses will help your best, and not so best, bottles truly shine.

White Wine Glasses

Yes, the type of glass matters for wine, people. Our White Wine Glasses are designed with a smaller bowl, since white wine requires less aeration than red. They’re designed to keep a perfectly chilled white wine colder, for longer and the smaller bowl keeps the wine’s aromas in the glass. So whether you’re unwinding after a long day at the office, or preparing a meal with the perfect wine pairing, you can enjoy every last drop.