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Behind the Design: Coupe Glasses

Our Coupe Glasses are not modeled after Marie Antoinette's...assets.

By George Steckel
Sep 17, 2021
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When it comes to Coupes, the conversation always veers towards human anatomy. The glass is thought to be modeled after a breast—but not just any breast—some say it was Helen of Troy’s or Marie Antoinette’s or even Madame de Pompadour’s.

While all of these rumors have been proven false, their persistence speaks volumes about the sexiness of the glass. Whether it’s Marilyn Monroe, Jackie Kennedy, or even Jay Gatsby, the Coupe throughout history has been in the hands of the chic, the elegant, and the beautiful.

When we set out to produce our version, we knew we had to touch on these aspects of elegance and design, while adding our own unique sparkle of sophistication. Here is what makes our Coupe stand out from the rest.

Tapered Lip

Our Coupe features a lip that is more tapered than more traditional versions. We made this decision because we wanted to ensure the aromas stay within the glass instead of seeping out. The taper also helps the coupe fit around your lips for a more natural sip.

A Wide Bowl

Using a flute for champagne is like listening to music with ear plugs. A Coupe, on the other hand, allows you to hear the whole symphony of notes, experience the effervescence of the bubbles, and taste all of the flavors you might miss otherwise. The danger here is that by allowing so much oxygen into the glass, you risk the carbonation escaping too rapidly. But to that we say: smaller pours, and quicker sipping.

Reinforced Stems

Like all glassware, our Coupe is naturally delicate. But we took every step possible to ensure durability. To accomplish this, we pulled our Coupes from two pieces of glass, instead of three to decrease the amount of potential breakage points. We also added titanium reinforcements to the stem—a one-of-a-kind coating process that increases the stems’ resistance to abrasions and as a bonus, makes it much more elegant to hold. With a wide base that accents the shape of the bowl, our Coupe will feel balanced and sturdy whether you’re at a rowdy party, or just sipping tableside.

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