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The Beauty of Copper Cookware

By George Steckel
Jan 25, 2021
copper with food
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Copper cookware. The ultimate cooking material. The cookware trusted by the best chefs in the best restaurants. Its burnt orange hue suspended from racks in a kitchen is a dream. When people often think of copper cookware, their first thought is of its appearance. The patina it develops over time is admired by many, and often, copper is regarded as artwork. And while I will never argue copper cookware’s beauty and grace, I will persuade you that you can use copper other than just as something to admire. Yes! You should be cooking with copper pots and pans!

Copper's Lining

Quite simply, copper cookware can outperform any other cookware material. To some, copper might be intimidating. Since the ingestion of copper can be toxic, the inside of the cookware must be lined. Tin has been a popular choice because of its non stick properties, but due to its low melting point, cooking with tin-lined copper pans has proven to be dangerous. Re-tinning was a common occurrence, and caring for it proved too much for the home cook. Enter stainless steel lining.

Stainless clad cookware has taken off recently, so it’s no surprise that it has been the lining choice for copper. A stainless steel interior allows for safe cooking and easy cleanup. It’s much more durable than tin and can take higher temperatures, meaning your copper cookware can go into the oven.

Made In's Debut Copper Set

I need to stop stalling. The real reason you’re here is to find out whether or not you’re going to get Made In’s Copper Cookware Set for yourself or for your favorite home chef (yes, both are an option). The benefits of copper cookware all come back to copper’s incredible conductive qualities. When cooking, controlling heat is critical, and due to its impeccable heating capabilities, you’ll be able to control the temperature to an exact specification. With the ability to take a stock from a light simmer up to a boil in a matter of moments, copper cookware users will reach new heights or precise cooking they’ve never experienced before. Another added benefit is that copper cookware responds to changes instantaneously. Take a copper saucepan off your heat source, and the contents of the pan will immediately begin to cool. This is perfect for delicate sauces that will break if the temperature is not handled with precision.

Made In’s debut Copper Cookware Set features three unique pieces, each with their own lid. Each piece comprises 90% copper and 10% stainless steel, which provides you with the most premium composition possible. The first item is a 2 QT Saucepan, perfect for making sauces, reducing stocks or broths, or achieving perfect, soft-boiled eggs. The 5.2 QT Saucier will do wonders for any whisking task at hand. Don’t stray away from risottos or using it to finish pastas. Lastly, the 5.2 QT Rondeau will handle all of your roasting tasks. From prime rib to braised short ribs, the Rondeau is an exceptional stovetop-to-oven piece of cookware. Each piece is designed to be a serving piece as well. With cookware so beautiful, it’d be a shame not to show it off to your guests!

Just like any piece of premium cookware, it is vital to maintain upkeep. Copper will change color when it’s on a heat source, should not be used on induction cooktops, and it will age. All details on the care of your copper cookware can be found here.

Copper cookware may not be your everyday cookware. Most people won’t reach for their copper pan to scramble their eggs each morning. But when you and your loved ones are crafting your very best meals or perfecting a family recipe, Copper cookware shines; elegant, performance cookware crafted to last a lifetime, or to be handed down to the next generation. Click here to purchase Made In's Copper Cookware Set.