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The 2020 Chefs’ Gift Guide

The 2020 Chefs’ Gift Guide

By George Steckel
Jan 27, 2021
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As the holiday season approaches fast, get inspired by Made In's lineup of expert chefs to see what they use in the kitchen.

Grant Achatz, Copper

For the ultimate cookware connoisseur this year, there is no substitute for the Made In Copper Cookware Set. With precise heat control that lets you master the most specific recipes - from velouté to beurre blanc and the perfect risotto. Chef Achatz uses Made In at Michelin-starred Alinea and in his home.

Nancy Silverton, Cast Iron Grill Pan

Developed in partnership with Chef Nancy Silverton, this grill pan is designed to help you achieve the live-fire flavor and grill marks of open fire cooking from your kitchen. This Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Grill Pan will never leave your stovetop. It’s the perfect pan to make Chef Silverton’s famous fett’unta, grilled cheese, and steak. An excellent gift for grill lovers in colder places! To purchase, simply slide into Made In's Instagram dm's, and the password will be revealed to you.

Tom Colicchio, Stainless

The foundation of every good kitchen is 5-ply Stainless Clad cookware. With impeccable heat retention and durability, no kitchen is complete with a premium set of stainless pots and pans. They can go from the stovetop to the oven and are light and comfortable to use. Since you can use them for any cooking application, Made In’s Stainless Clad collection is the perfect gift for any budding chef or someone looking to upgrade their cookware.

Matt Horn, Knives

A sharp, well-balanced knife is one of the most essential tools to have in your kitchen. A dull knife is a dangerous knife and can lead to injuries in the kitchen. That’s why Made In’s Knife Set is the perfect gift for a loved one still using old knives. Each knife has its use, whether it’s chopping vegetables with a Santoku or carving meat with the Chef Knife. The Paring Knife handles peeling citruses, and the Utility Knife works wonders on bread. Don't sleep on the new Nakiri Knife and the Bread Knife. Both of these knives are essential in the kitchen. It’s quite simple. French-made, fully forged, and full tanged knives are the best, and that’s what Made In offers. 

Brooke Williamson, Non Stick

Non Stick Cookware is such an important tool to have in your kitchen. With true non stick qualities and a pan that’s 5-ply stainless clad, Made In’s Non Stick Collection is just as strong as they are non stick. Use them to make scrambled eggs, bolognese, or caramel for movie night. Made In’s Non Stick pans will never fail you, as they are easy to clean and keep their heat very well. That’s why you should gift them to your friends who are always in a rush cooking breakfast and can’t stand the sight of a sink full of dishes. 

Jamilka Borges, Tabletop

What you choose to set your table with should not be overlooked. Whether it’s Italian-made Glassware and Flatware or plates, bowls, and serving platters crafted from the best materials in England, you deserve the tabletop pieces that will shine. Made In’s wine and drinking glasses elevate your drinking experience, while the plateware is designed with added strength to last forever and heating properties to keep your food at its intended temperature for a longer time. Chef Jamilka Borges of Wild Child in Pittsburgh, PA, has completely outfitted her restaurant with Made In’s tabletop pieces. Gift Made In’s Tabletop Line to your friends and family who love to host.