Chef Tom Colicchio Joins Made In

We’re thrilled to announce a partnership with prolific restaurateur and TV personality Tom Colicchio (Bravo’s Top Chef Executive Producer and Head Judge, Chef/Owner of Crafted Hospitality). Not only is Tom Colicchio a Made In Cookware investor, but he’ll spearhead our Advisory Board where he’ll help with new product launches and guide our educational content.

In anticipation of the big announcement, we visited Tom at his restaurant, Craft LA to talk about all of the exciting things to come and why he loves Made In.

Made In Cookware Tom Colicchio

Below is a portion of our conversation for press.

Why Tom Colicchio uses Made In:

“Number one the quality of the cookware is just absolutely great”

“I've been approached by a ton of cookware brands over the years but Made In truly stands out from the pack. Their mission to supply quality cookware at approachable prices is undeniably authentic, and they execute on every level from the thoughtful sourcing of materials to the masterful finished product. You know these guys are finally disrupting the cookware business from the supply chain of Steel to where it's stamped to where it's produced."

Why Tom Colicchio joined Made In:

“I was so impressed with the cookware that I’ve stocked my home kitchen with it, and will be outfitting my upcoming New York restaurant with Made In products as well. It’s rare to find kitchen tools so well-suited for both professional and home applications, and I’m excited to join the Made In team as an advisor and investor in the brand.”

Tom Colicchio’s cookware advice:

“Buy good pieces buy high-quality cookware. Number one: it lasts a lifetime. It's all riveted really high-quality stainless steel it's not gonna warp if you leave it on the stove, the handles are not gonna come off the way it's all put together, the handles don't get really hot, so you can handle them pretty easily.”

Tom Colicchio’s Favorite piece of cookware:

“I don’t think that there’s anything in the kitchen, besides a stove, that I couldn’t do without, but that’s [the saucier] the one piece that I really like.”

What’s next on the Made In x Tom Colicchio roadmap?

“This is how much I love it Made In cookware. I'm opening a new restaurant and the entire kitchen will be outfitted with Made In. I’m pretty psyched to open the restaurant with Made In.”

Tom Colicchio Top Chef Made In



Thanks, Tom  What you’ve done for the progression of cooking and food culture can't be overstated. We couldn't be happier with our new partnership!

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