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Why You Should Ditch Your Champagne Flutes

Why You Should Ditch Your Champagne Flutes

By George Steckel
Mar 13, 2021
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When someone mentions champagne flutes, I’m immediately brought back to my pre-teen years making pretend that the Martinelli’s in the plastic flutes was real champagne. Now that’s just me. Others might think of weddings, New Year’s Eve, or an unforgettable toast. So with champagne flutes so prevalent around momentous occasions, you’d think that they would be the best way to enjoy your champagne. Well, you would think wrong! We sat down with Alex Bell from Aviary Wine & Kitchen in Austin, TX, to shed light on why you should be ditching your champagne flutes and replacing them with a white wine glass.

Champagne flutes are tall and thin, which restricts the aroma and doesn’t allow for full oxygenation of the wine. Yes, champagne flutes preserve the bubbles, but this hinders the true nature of the champagne or sparkling wine to shine. A great substitute for champagne flutes is a white wine glass, specifically the Made In White Wine Glass. Our glasses feature a flat bowl and a wide rim, allowing you to fully experience the aromas of the wine and take everything in.

Made In’s White Wine Glass, to me, allows you to really accentuate the delicate tendencies of sparkling wines. You are also preserving bubbles. You still narrow as you rise to the top of the Made In White Wine Glass. It actually bells back inward from the fat bottom, no queen needed, and you’re able to preserve a little bit more of the veracity of the effervescence.- Alex Bell

Since our White Wine Glass has a larger volume than champagne flutes, the wine is able to breathe and develop. This is necessary if you’re going to be spending top dollar on champagne or sparkling wine. Alex says that for mimosas or chuggable and quaffable bubbles, a champagne flute is fine, but, “when you get to the real elevated levels of sparkling wine and the developed nuances and delicacies they can carry, you want something that can carry all of the little nooks and crannies and gorgeous elements that are in play in that sparkling showpiece.”

So if you’re looking to bring out the best of your bubbles, with the ability to use that same glass for other drinks, then the Made In White Wine Glass is for you.

“It has the approachability and durability to be taken home and thrown around and beaten up at dinner parties, or maybe one bottle too many with friends. Because let’s face it, after 2020, we all deserve a second bottle.” Couldn’t have been said better, Alex. Cheers to you! Cheers to a new year! And cheers to the Made In White Wine Glass!

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