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Behind the Design: The Beer Glass

Discover what a well-made Beer Glass can do for you (and your beer).

By Rachel Robey
Aug 16, 2021
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As with wine, much of a beer’s flavor is transmitted through its aromas. Sure, we eat with our eyes, but we mostly taste with our noses. Without your nose to pick up the delicate complexities comprising a beer’s full palate, you’d hardly be able to distinguish between a lager and a Lambic. As with any other beverage, with beer, it’s essential to your drinking experience that you choose the right glassware for the job.

So while our Beer Glass is designed to be both elegant and durable, its primary function is showing off the full body and aroma of whatever you happen to be drinking. Designing a Beer Glass that improves every single type of beer is a tall order, but after much trial and error, we finally nailed it. Here’s how.

A Flared Lip Improves Beer’s Flavor

For better or for worse, the flavor of your beer will evolve over the time it takes you to drink it, as exposure to air oxidizes the beer and causes the flavors to deteriorate. In order to better preserve and showcase our favorite bottles, we designed a wide bowl that traps the beer’s perfume within the glass for much longer. Thanks to its not-quite-tulip silhouette, you’re able to swirl your beer like a true cicerone. Even if you’re not a regular beer drinker, this glass will be a gamechanger.

An Elongated Stem Keeps Beer Cold

The glass’s slender, titanium-enforced stem is as functional as it is elegant. In addition to being resilient enough to go through the dishwasher, it performs the crucial task of keeping your beer as cold as possible for as long as possible. Like a traditional long-stemmed Wine Glass, our beer glass keeps your hands away from its bowl, thereby minimizing the amount of body heat transferred to your beverage.

The Bottom Line: It’s Perfect For Any Beer

The Made In Beer Glass does not pick favorites. Its universal design plays well with others, readily improving the flavor of creamy ales, malty porters, or mouth-puckering goses. While there are a few places where it’s not practical—maybe at the beach or on a boat—occasions where it’s not the obvious choice are few and far between.

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