5 Cocktails Perfect for Any Occassion

We spoke with five bartenders across the country and got their recipe for some classic cocktails.

Daniel Modlin|Nov 01, 2021

We have

the glassware

, we have the ingredients, but finding the perfect recipe is always more challenging than it should be. So, to make all of our lives a little easier, we spoke with five fantastic bartenders across the country, and got their perfect recipes for the tried-and-true cocktails you already know and love. And if you don’t already know and love them, chances are that once you try them, you will.


A Gin Martini is one of our favorite drinks for just about any occasion.

Our favorite

, made by Laura Maddox at Small Victory Bar in Austin, features a garnish of both an olive and lemon twist and a subtle hint of orange bitters. Best served in a

Coupe Glass

, It gives you “the light and refined side of the martini, as well as the savory side—it’s the best of both worlds.”

Old Fashioned

For Whiskey-drinkers, there is no better cocktail than an Old Fashioned. The team at Death & Co. shared

a recipe

with us that is just delightful. Using Demerara Syrup, the cocktail achieves a silkier, smoother texture throughout the drink. Best served in a

Drinking Glass

, it is one you’ll make again and again.

Royal Daiquiri

The Daiquiri is great, don’t get us wrong, but sometimes you need something a little different. Tobin Shea from Redbird shared his recipe for

the Royal Daiquiri

, which almost tastes “like a key lime pie.” Traditionally served in a

Coupe Glass

, it’s definitely the most beautiful drink to make on this list.


At Made In, our favorite cocktail has got to be a Negroni, and Ivy Mix’s proportions are just right. Using Gin, Campari, and Sweet Vermouth,

the cocktail

is a classic blend of juniper, bitters, and sweetness. You can mix it in a mixing glass, or just mix it right in your

Drinking Glass

—either way, it’ll come out delicious.

The Smoke & Leather Manhattan

This spin

on the classic Manhattan only brings out the classic flavors even more. Given to us by Sother Teague from Amor y Amargo, the recipe to be made in a

Coupe Glass

uses fortified wine instead of vermouth to create a cherry flavor, and a flamed orange peel, to make notes of orange sing.