Silicone Universal Lid

Silicone Universal Lid

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100% of all sales from this item will go to benefit Southern Smoke, a 501c3 foundation that supports and assists those in the food and beverage industry and their suppliers.

One lid that fits all of your Made In Stock Pots, Saucepans, Sauciers, and Saute Pans. Made from a premium silicone with a stainless steel interior to add long-lasting durability, this lid is also dishwasher safe, heat resistant, and oven safe up to 400 degrees.
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Product Specs and Awards
  • 2018 TIME Magazine Invention of the Year
  • Stainless steel interior
  • FDA-approved silicone exterior
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Oven safe to 400F
  • 3 interior lips
  • Designed to fit every Made In pan except our Frying Pans, Wok, and Roasting Pan
Why This Lid?
100% of all sales from this item will go to benefit Southern Smoke, a 501c3 foundation that supports and assists those in the food and beverage industry and their suppliers.

With the rise of minimalism and Marie Kondo-ism, decluttering the home in an elegant way has become something of an art form. That's why we spent months working with world-class design engineers to build the perfect duo of oven-safe silicone universal lids that cut down on cabinet space while being more aesthetically pleasing and functional than a metal circle on a stick.

Our Universal Pot Lid perfectly covers every Made In Stock Pot and Saucepan as well as our Saucier and Saute Pan. Say bye to your lid drawer and hello to a universal lid you won't feel embarrassed leaving on the counter.
  • Our universal lids are designed to work with Made In cookware, but may work with other brands depending on the dimensions
  • The total diameter of the lid is 10.75”, with the inner rings being 7”, 8.5”, and 10.25”

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The lid actually replaces every lid you own! Very easy to grab. Is heavy enough to do the job. I bought two more for gifts.

Cindy L.

Excellent product that fits every one of my pots. Decluttering Game changer! If you want to get organized in your kitchen, start with this lid.

Debbie S.

I love this lid, it fits all my fry pans, is easy to clean, and has become a kitchen necessity for me.

Mary N.

I have purchased my second universal lid from Made In. I like the design from the silicon outer surface, to the well placed and balanced handle to the weight of the lid which holds it in place, assures a good seal and makes it an excellent tool for waving around to emphasize a good point to kitchen critics!

Jean R.

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Great nonstick pan, so far.
Great Quality!
Best pan ever!!!

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