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Fishing Knife Set

Designed with Chef Tom Colicchio, the flexible Fillet Knife and serrated Utility Knife make quick work of every catch.
  • Made in the USA
  • High Carbon Stainless Steel
  • Rockwell Hardness 54-56
  • Slip-Resistant Handles

Designed in collaboration with chef Tom Colicchio, our Fishing Knife Set includes two blades, one serrated and one straight-edged, allowing you to achieve more precise cuts, butchering, and portioning of your fish. Whether you prefer to deep-sea fish, cast from the beach, or go out on the lake, our fishing knife set is perfect for you. The Flexible Fillet Knife, which is straight-edged, is designed for deboning, skinning, and filleting your fish, while the Utility Knife, which is serrated, is best for tougher cuts, like taking the head off a fish, prepping bait, or cutting frozen fish.

Both knives feature a slip-resistant handle for safe handling and easy gripping, making them perfect for preparing freshly caught fish on your boat, on the dock, or in your home. This set includes edge guards for added protection from getting damaged or becoming dull on the boat.

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