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Made In was born from stainless clad cookware. We launched in 2017 with a bold mission: to create the best-performing 5-ply cookware and deliver it to our customers at half the price of our premium competitors. To do so, we've partnered with multi-generational cookware factories who have perfected their craft. By the time your cookware leaves our factories, it has passed through hands that have been making cookware for over 100 years.

The materials
We purchase all the raw materials that go into our cookware. This allows us to hold all of our raw sources to the highest standards and negotiate directly with each manufacturer to get the best prices for our customers. The unused materials are recycled or turned into parts for cars.
The Process
One of the differences between premium cookware and cheap cookware is the process of cladding metals. "Cladding" means bonding metals together to take advantage of the properties of multiple metals. We've combined 5-layers of cladded metal to give you exceptional heat retention and control with corrosion-resistance and long-lasting durability.

About Made In

Carbon Steel

300 Years of History

Carbon steel pans have been perfected in France and are a staple of European cooking. Our factory has been producing this cookware for three centuries and we're bringing this movement to the United States. Carbon steel combines the best of cast iron (seasoning abilities and heat retention) with the best of stainless clad cookware (heat control). Even if you are the cook who has everything, this will become your new favorite pan.

Ready for any heat source
Whether it is a camp fire, induction stovetop, or oven at 1000 degrees our carbon steel pans can handle it.
Lighter than Cast Iron
Have a cast iron that you can't lift? Carbon steel has all of the the best properties of cast iron, but none of the weight.
Exceptional Heat Capacity
Get the perfect char and sear with a pan that can heat up quickly and maintain its heat.

See The Carbon Steel Process

Handmade Knives

We're one of the last companies that still forge our entire knife from a single rod of premium steel

It's easy to be charmed by France and even easier to be charmed by our French knife maker and her family-owned factory in Thiers, France. We fell in love with their craftsmanship and commitment to both tradition and innovation. We approached them with our designs and ideas for the Made In Chef Knife, and they used their age-old knife-making tradition and innovative nitrogen treatment to help us execute the perfect knife.

The Materials
Every part of our knife, down to the rivets, comes from Thiers, France, the part of the word that invented the modern chef knife. We source X50CrMoV15 metal and apply the resin handles by hand in our French factory. The final product is a fully forged and fully French chef knife.
The Forging Process
We start with single rods of X50CrMoV15 and treat them with nitrogen to prevent corrosion and add hardness. We then heat and forge the individual rods of metal until we achieve a blade, bolster, and handle. From there, we buff, polish and sharpen the knife until it's ready for its handle and boxed up to ship directly to your kitchen.

Watch the Knife-making Process

Universal Lid

2018 TIME Magazine Invention of the Year

When we started Made In, we interviewed hundreds of home chefs about what needed to change in the kitchen. Overwhelmingly, we heard about lids and their cabinet clutter. We spent a year developing a lid to solve this frustrating issue.

2018 TIME Magazine
Invention of the Year
Designed to fit every
Made In pan except our
frying pans
Stove, oven
and dishwasher

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