Professional-Grade Non Stick

Upgrade your cookware with Non Stick pans designed by chefs

Why Upgrade to Made In Non Stick?

Are you tired of constantly replacing your non stick pans due to worn off coatings and uneven heat distribution? Made In’s Non Stick Collection is designed with the best chefs in the world and features a state-of-the-art, professional-grade non stick coating that ensures the best food release. The 5-ply pan body surface beneath the coating creates perfect sears and heat retention. Experience the difference in quality and performance with Made In's Non Stick Collection.

Professional-Performance Design

Unlike most non stick pans that hide cheap metal underneath their non stick surfaces, we craft each piece by coating our Award-Winning 5-ply Stainless Clad Cookware with 2 layers of a professional coating. The result is a pan that heats up quickly and evenly, holds heat for perfects sears, and cleans up in seconds.

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Made to Last

With proper care, Made In Non Stick Cookware lasts up 70 times longer than ceramic competitors.

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Built for Any Stove or Food

Made In's 5-ply construction enables optimal performance on any stovetop, be it induction, gas, or electric. With a high-heat tolerance of up to 500F, these pans offer versatility for various cooking techniques, seamlessly transitioning from stovetop to oven

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21 product

Used in 2000+ Restaurants

A non stick pan for me is critical in almost every egg preparation, especially omelettes. Use a Made In non stick so that you can fold it up nicely and slide it out of the pan.
Chef of Alinea, Owner of Alinea GroupChicago, IL
Grant achatz at alinea
Non stick pans are usually aluminum—really flimsy and light—but these are actually Made In Stainless Clad pans with a coating of non stick, so they work really well.
Founder of Crafted HospitalityNew York, NY
Tom Colicchio - Profile
I love the Made Ins pots and pans because they are well made. They are thick, they conduct heat, they’re the right sizes. I love the non stick option for omelets, as well.
Chef of Mozza, Co-Owner of Mozza Restaurant GroupLos Angeles, CA
Nancy Silverton Profile - Cookware
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