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See Why Both Pros And Home Cooks Are Choosing Made In Over All-Clad

"Move Aside All-Clad: This Startup's Cookware Is Just as Great, for Half the Price"

-Cooking Light Magazine

Premium Cookware At An Honest Price

By selling directly through our website only, we can cut out the share that is normally taken by Williams-Sonoma and give that money back to you. That means premium metals, 5-ply stainless clad construction, and fully-forged knives all at a fraction of traditional retail price.


Upgrade Your Cookware

Half The Price

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"I own several All Clad pans...The indicator of good pans is a temperature varieties of less than 5° when heated. My All Clad pans vary 4-5°. My Made In pan only 3°. And about half the price. Happy boy."

- Stewart E., Verified Buyer

Better Than All Clad

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"These pans exceed any All Clad or Viking cookware you can buy dollar for dollar, except they are significantly less expensive."

- Patrick, Verified Buyer

Next-Level Performance

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"If you don't own a made in skillet, I cant make you understand the quality of this cookware. I have been cooking for 50 years and I have never cooked with cookware of this quality. All Clad can kiss my ass good bye!"

- David B., Verified Buyer

Upgrade Your Kitchen With Made In Today

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