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Made In Design

The cookware market is cluttered and confusing with different prices, different metals, and different claims. Quality cookware separates itself through two main factors: raw materials and manufacturing processes. We did the research, so you don't have to.

Made In Design

A metal composition tutorial

When shopping for cookware, the first thing you should look for is its composition. Cheap cookware tends to be made of just aluminum or a very thin bond of stainless steel and aluminum. Our cookware combines 5 layers of thick American stainless steel and aluminum, which outperforms and outlasts those cheap big box cookware sets.

An even heat throughout

The next thing you should look for is the consistency of the composition. Many cheap cookware sets either attach a plate to the bottom of the cookware or don't use the same quality composition throughout, creating hot spots for your food to burn or breaking points on your cookware. We form all of our cookware from a single piece of 5-ply bonded metal, ensuring consistent heat from the base to the pourable edge.

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Craftsmanship from handles to rivets

Bad manufacturing means your handle may fall off. Poor design means a long handle that heats up with your cookware. We solved both of these with a lifetime manufacturer's warranty and a stay-cool long handle.

Made In Design
Made In Design
Made In Design
Made In Design

Make a cookware investment

The last thing to consider when buying cookware is its longevity. We source premium American metals with a high nickel content, which fights corrosion and rust. Our stainless steel retains its shape when exposed to high temperatures and won't impart metallic flavors on the food it comes in contact with. Even the non stick will stick around.

Made In Design Made In Design

Start building your new kitchen

Now that you know how to shop for cookware, explore our entire collection that checks all the boxes.

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From our kitchen to yours

We take pride in who we work with and where we source our materials from. Family business is in our DNA, so when we built out our supply chain we partnered with only the best manufacturers right here in the U.S. We source metal from Kentucky and Pennsylvania, non stick coating from Illinois and our cookware is molded, polished, and finished in our third-generation family owned factory. During its creation, Made In cookware travels through the hands of 150+ years of cookware experience before being shipped off to you.

Working with these partners and their decades of experience have allowed us to execute a product that lives up to our sky-high expectations while being confident in standing behind the product for years to come.