Thank You For Shopping With Us

Born out of our 100-year old, family-owned restaurant supply business, we started Made In to bring restaurant-quality, performance kitchenware to home cooks around the world. We're excited you're here to cook with us.

- Jake & Chip, Co-Founders of Made In

chip and jake founders

We aren’t your typical cookware company. With 100 years of family history in kitchen supply under our belt, we knew there were problems in the industry that needed to be addressed. So in 2016, we set out to make some changes. We partnered with the best chefs in the world and asked them what they wanted in their kitchens. Then, we found the best artisans in the USA and Europe to craft everything to our exact specifications. The end result is cookware not only worthy of a spot in Michelin starred restaurants, but perfect for the home cook as well. We did it all because we believe that no matter the meal, what it’s made in, matters.

A Recipe for Success

Our plan is a simple one: work with the best chefs and artisans in the industry to create expertly crafted, durable, performance quality cookware that people love to cook with. Here’s how we get it done.

Professional Kitchen Tools for Everyone

Our products aren’t just the best out there, they are curated to be the exact right pieces you need for your home kitchen. Whether it’s our award-winning Carbon Steel Wok that you can actually use on your stovetop or our Stainless Clad Pans, used in the best restaurants in the world, we strive to make products that are perfect for any meal you’re cooking up. Because we believe that with the right tools, everyone is capable of making restaurant-quality food at home.

Our Business Model

With no resellers, distributors, or retailers, we put more money into sourcing premium raw materials and working with the best manufacturers in the world to create innovative products. It’s what makes our cookware the best out there and how we keep our prices lower than other premium retailers.

grant achatz in kitchen

Stainless Clad

Stainless Clad put Made In on the map and is now used in the best restaurants in the world. Made with 5 layers of 4 different types of metal, our Stainless Clad Cookware provides even heating, unrivaled durability, and comes in at half the price of our competitors. No corner is cut, and each piece of cookware passes through the hands of artisans who have been honing their stainless technique for generations.

stainless steel cookware

Carbon Steel

We like to say our Carbon Steel Cookware is the perfect blend of cast iron and stainless steel. Like cast iron, the cooking surface develops a natural seasoning over time, but boasts the same heating properties, durability, and light weight of stainless steel. Even if you’re the cook who has everything, this will become your new favorite pan.

vegetables in carbon frying pan

Performance Non Stick

Our Non Stick Cookware is perfect for flaky fish, frying eggs, and best of all, is a breeze to clean. Its coating is completely non-toxic, made with PTFE and without PFOAs. The coating has been proven to last 70 times longer than ‘ceramic’ cookware. In short, this pan was designed to be a workhorse.

turning pancake in nonstick


Copper cookware is renowned for its precision cooking abilities. There is no material better for achieving precision cooking than copper. Ours, crafted in the heart of France, has unmatched heating properties, making it the ultimate performance cookware, and beloved by chefs around the world.

sauce in copper saucepan


Each piece of our French Porcelain Bakeware is born from a lineage of craftsmen who have been perfecting their recipe for over 200-years. The pieces are all pure white, only achievable through the use of true porcelain, and have a rim that is hand painted by artisans in France. We hope it’s a worthy vessel for your most cherished recipes.

8x8 baking dish blueberry recipe