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The Unique Story Behind Made In's Wooden Spoon

By Team Made In
Sep 17, 2020
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You've probably never heard a wooden spoon origin story. That's because you've probably never encountered a wooden spoon worthy of one.

Our co-founder Jake Kalick was adamant — Made In needed a spoon. He literally wouldn't stop talking about it. It became a running joke around the office that Jake was "The Spoon Man" and that he was sneakily planning to turn Made In into a spoon-only enterprise called "Made In Spoonware."

Jake didn't want Made In's first-ever utensil to be just any spoon, though — he wanted one that worked with and enhanced every single product Made In offered. Due to our line of non stick cookware, metal was off the table this time around. Then two fateful words hit Jake in the head like a wooden spoon: Wooden Spoon.

"They're timeless, incredibly functional, and have so much character," Jake said. "We absolutely must add one to our collection. Must!"

Jake became a spoon man on a spoon mission. He searched high and low for the right people making the right wooden products in order to continue with Made In's tradition of partnering with family-owned manufacturers whose products are made by experienced, highly skilled artisans. After looking at more spoons than the dishwasher at a sit-down ice cream parlor, Jake stumbled upon the distinctive work being done by Zalan Szekely and his father, Victor.

Born and raised in Hungary, Zalan moved to New York City in 2014 for a job as a financial advisor. In search of a more fulfilling career and as a means of continuing a family history of woodworking that goes back four generations, he founded woodworking company Alan C.K. and Co. with his lifelong carpenter father, Victor.

The father-son duo started out making limited edition cutting boards, which immediately caught Jake's eye due to their unique wood combinations and durability. Upon seeing their handiwork, Jake reached out about potentially partnering on a wooden spoon.

Oh yeah, and did I mention that, throughout this whole process, Victor lived (and still lives!) in Hungary, 4,500 miles away from his son?

Alan C.K. and Co. not only overcome this incredible distance barrier, they thrive because of it. Because Victor still lives in Hungary, he has easy access to premium European woods such as responsibly sourced, water resistant, antibacterial Hungarian beechwood, the ideal wood from which to make wooden kitchen utensils. Jake and the Made In design team worked with Zalan and his father to design Made In's Wooden Spoon — a product Alan C.K. and Co. had never made before — and the rest is history.

Each Made In Wooden Spoon is individually handmade in Hungary by Victor, meaning we only receive 250 wooden spoons at a time. Because each finished product sent to us is beautiful, incredibly high quality, and wildly versatile, the Made In Wooden Spoon typically never stays in stock more than a day after being restocked before selling out once again.

Learn more about Made In's Wooden Spoon now!

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