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Where Misen Cookware Is Made

Made In Cookware proudly makes their products in the best factories in the world. Here's the truth about where Misen makes theirs.

By Team Made In
Jun 1, 2019
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When it comes to choosing the next cookware brand to outfit your home with, knowing where it’s made is essential. After all, your cookware is more than just a place to cook, it’s where you tell stories and it's where you prepare meals for the people you love most in your life (including yourself).

You may have heard of Misen, a cookware brand born out of a Kickstarter campaign, and named after the French term “mise en place.” Misen offers pots and pans, kitchen tools, cookware sets and more at an affordable price.

But here’s the thing. The way they achieve a slightly lower price is simple, and a sacrifice we are unwilling to make. Unlike Made In, who sources the highest quality materials and finds the best artisans in the USA and Western Europe, all of Misen’s products are manufactured in an area just outside of Shanghai, China. That’s right, the Misen chef’s knife and all of the Misen pans are made in China at a lower quality to cut costs.

For example, all of our Knives are made by 5th generation bladesmiths in Thiers, France. They are full tang and fully forged, meaning they are made from a single piece of stainless steel—from the tip to the hilt—to improve balance and durability.

Misen, on the other hand, claims their knives are full tang and fully forged but they are not. Instead, Misen takes a stamped blade and welds it to the handle, then polishes it to make it appear as if it’s fully forged. This is a more inexpensive process, so it allows them to charge less, but creates structural integrity at the point of welding.

Unlike Misen, we believe that where it’s made, matters. At Made In, supporting local businesses, whether that’s manufacturers or restaurants, is essential to our line of work. That’s why we source the best materials in the world and work with renowned artisans in the USA and Europe to craft tools that will last a lifetime. And it’s why so many Award-Winning chefs use our cookware in their restaurants.

And all of our Stainless Clad Cookware is made in the USA and Italy, by artisans we trust. As is our French-made Carbon Steel. Our Bakeware is made by artisans in France who have been perfecting their craft and their recipe for over 200 years. In short, at Made In, no corner is cut, and no detail is spared.

Whether that’s the thoughtful design of our USA-Made Stainless Clad Cookware made with a 5-ply construction, and used in 1500 restaurants and counting, including James Beard Award Winning Chef Sean Brock’s, or our Carbon Steel Pans with superior heat retention, made in France and beloved by chefs around the world, there’s a reason people are turning to Made In. After all, we make tools you’ll be proud to cook your most cherished recipes in.

Learn More About Made In:

Award-Winning Stainless Clad: Made in the USA and Italy Constructed with 5 layers of 4 different metals, the two outer layers being stainless steel and the 3 inner being aluminum core, we designed these pieces to be perfect for restaurants and the home cook.

Carbon Steel: Like cast iron, but better. We love our French-made Carbon Steel because it has the same non stick, heat retaining properties of cast iron, with the lightweight, maneuverability of stainless steel. Able to be used on any cooking surface, our fry pan will be your new kitchen favorite.

Copper: Made in France, our Copper Cookware is renowned for its conductivity and beauty. It is the best cooking material to cook with if you know how, and will make your kitchen sparkle when the pieces aren’t on the stovetop.

Non Stick: Our Italian-Made Performance Non Stick Cookware is the best you’ll find. Made without PFOA and 100% non toxic, we took the base of our Stainless Clad Cookware and added two layers of a PTFE coating that will last 70x longer than “ceramic” cookware. Our Non Stick Pans are perfect for delicate ingredients like fish and eggs.

Knives: Made in Thiers, France by a 5th generation bladesmith, all of our Knives are full tang and fully forged to ensure proper balance, sharpness, and durability. Whether you’re looking for a knife to slice through vegetables or a knife worthy of carving a wagyu steak, we’ve got you covered.