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Restaurant Quality Plateware for Your Home

Made in the best factory, and used in the best restaurants, we are thrilled to bring such a high caliber product to your home for the very first time.

Daniel Modlin|Oct 08, 2021

The perfect plate is hard to come by. In our opinion, it needs to be elegant enough to elevate your finely cooked meals and beautiful enough to stand out from the pack.

Our Plateware

was designed with this ethos in mind: combining the highest quality craftsmanship, the most exquisite design, and a staunch refusal to sacrifice performance and durability along the way.

Artisanal Craftsmanship

There was one obvious choice

for our Plateware factory

: Stoke-on-Trent, England. The town is filled with artisans dedicated to their craft, many of who have over 40 years of experience crafting pottery.

Our Plateware manufacturer focuses on outstanding quality with the rigorous 53 individual checks each piece undergoes and sustainability by recycling 100% of excess clay.

Initially only reserved for use in the world's finest restaurants, we are proud to bring such a wonderful collection of Plateware to your home for the very first time.

A Seat at the Table

Whether you’re looking to replace your entire dining room or prepping for your next big dinner party our line of Plateware leaves nothing out of the equation.  Available in a complete, curated set, and also in packs of four, our

Dinner Plates


Entrée Bowls


Side Bowls


Serving Platters

(sold individually), and

Appetizer Plates

, create the perfect place setting for any meal, whether it’s your next masterpiece, or some zhuzhed up takeout.

A Canvas for Your Creations

Because our Plateware is fully glazed, each piece isn’t just a beautiful pure white, but they are also the most durable plates you will find and they are backed by a 1-year Chip Warranty. It’s why chefs all across the country choose to use them—they create an elegant plating experience yet can withstand the rigors of the toughest nights of service. They are scratch resistant (try it yourself), dishwasher safe, and are available plain or with a painted blue or red rim.

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