Ditch Your Microwave. Non Stick is Better Anyway

The key to making the most of your leftovers is not a microwave, but Non Stick Cookware.

By George Steckel
Oct 12, 2021
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Microwaves are overrated. Not only do they take up counter space, but we’re not exactly sure what they’re even for. We believe that Non Stick Cookware can do everything your microwave does and more. Whether you’re controlling the heat of the pan, re-crisping your ingredients, or tossing everything together to form a cohesive meal, our healthy, toxin-free Non Stick Cookware is the key to more enjoyable, re-heated, and always delicious meals.

Evenly Cooked and Crisped Protein

Microwaves are only able to heat at one temperature at a time, which results in turning once crispy morsels of food into soggy, unappetizing ones. So whether you’re reheating fish or chicken thighs, the key to a perfect reheated piece of protein is searing it in a frying pan. Our 5-ply Stainless Clad construction provides even and consistent heating so the chicken or fish can re-crisp, while ensuring the rest of the protein is reheated all the way through.

Pasta as Good as the Night Before

When you reheat leftover pasta in the microwave, it can become dry and bland. Our favorite way to prepare leftover pasta is to add it to a Non Stick Pan along with some water to help bring back moisture into the sauce.  This provides a perfect base for you to add cheese and a knob of butter to create a wonderful result that might be even better than the original.

More Versatility in Your Meal

Speaking of better than the original, with a microwave, you’re kind of stuck with what you made the night before. A Non Stick Pan, on the other hand, allows you to spruce things up and improvise on the fly. Whether you’re melding protein into fried rice, turning vegetables into a perfect omelette, or chucking it all together for a quick and easy stir fry, it is easy to add flavor and substance to your leftovers.

Cleans Up in Seconds

True, with a microwave, there is zero clean up, but our Non Stick Cookware is a close second. Thanks to its seriously slick double coating, it cleans up in literally seconds. This means you can have all of the benefits of cooking on the stovetop, with the same (or close to the same) clean up time.

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