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The Perfect Fishing Knife Set: How it was Made

By Bradford Malt
Jul 12, 2021
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Tom Colicchio is a chef first and fisherman second. But with his new Fishing Knife Set that he helped us design, fisherman might leap chef as his number one title. Not really...but maybe? In his hunt for good fishing tools, Tom wanted to make fishing knives that could withstand the rigors of a day out on the boat but also stand out in his home kitchen.

Many design drawings later, some broken-down fish, and a trip out on Tom’s boat, and we couldn’t be happier to bring this knife set to your kitchen.

This Set features two blades, one serrated Utility Knife, and one flexible Fillet Knife and is made in Massachusetts, where Jake and I are from. We sent it out to our friends at Le Bernardin and a few other chefs who are masters at cooking fish, and the feedback we received was excellent; these knives unlock so much in the kitchen, and the shapes are exactly what chefs use when breaking down fish.

Regardless of whether you butcher fish regularly or are looking to improve your at-home fishing skills, here are three things you can do that you wouldn’t be able to do with regular knives.

1. Filleting and Cubing Store-Bought Fish

Yes, our knives are fantastic at breaking down whole fish and will allow you to do it with ease, but our Fishing Knife Set lends itself perfectly to fillets of fish you can buy at the grocery store. So whether you’re making fish tacos or fried fish sandwiches or cubing fish to make ceviche or poke, being able to cut pieces from a whole fish fillet is very important. You want to get the perfect size and shape of your fish.

2. Making Fish Stock

Fish stock is super flavorful and an easy way to add extra depth of flavor to your dishes. Once you’ve filleted your fish, add your leftover spine, bones, cleaned head (give it a rinse under your sink), and any leftover chunks of meat that might not have been big enough to serve on their own to a stock pot and cover with water and aromatics. Then, use your fish stock for risotto, create a pan sauce for seared fish, steam mussels, or use in bouillabaisse.

3. Making Tough Cuts That Won’t Damage the Blade

Our Fishing Knives are indestructible, as they’re made with high-carbon stainless steel, an extremely durable alloy, and a completely water-proof, slip-resistant handle. They’re perfect for working around spines, tough bones, and stubborn skin. You can also use the serrated Utility Knife on frozen fish. There’s no need to ruin your other knives when you have knives designed to cut and break down fish!

The Bottom Line

Thanks to Tom Colicchio, we have crafted the perfect Fishing Knife Set. These knives are made in the U.S.A, and the Carolina Blue handle is the same color as the hull on Tom’s boat.

Need some inspiration on where to start? We have a fantastic blog post on how to make the most of your fish, whether you buy it whole, catch it, or buy fillets from the grocery store. So fire up your grill, turn on your burner, and break out your lime juice for ceviche. It’s time we start cooking and preparing fish at home like professional chefs.