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The History Behind the Teku Beer Glass

The Teku Glass is the choice of glassware for beer aficionados all around the world. What started from two Italian beer experts has grown into the best beer drinking glass. Learn more about how the Teku Glass came to be!

By George Steckel
Aug 16, 2021
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When you have the best of the best, the origin story of how it came to be is always going to be fascinating. And that’s precisely the case with the Teku Beer Glass. Enter Teo Musso and Lorenzo “Kuaska” Dabove, two Italian beer experts who wanted to change how beer was consumed. Their love of beer and the combination of the first two letters of their first names birthed the Teku Glass, which is the chalice of choice for beer obsessors all around the world. 

How it Began

Teo and Kuaska saw a gap in the market for beer glasses and took action. They teamed up with Rastal, a German glassmaker company, to create their beer glass. They took inspiration from wine glasses, knowing that aromas in beer should be kept in the glass, as they are vital to the drinking experience. With a universal design, Teku glasses might look the same; however, there are necessary and specific characteristics that make beer glasses different from others. Let’s get into that. 

The Made In Beer Glass

The Made In Beer Glass is perfect for every style of beer. First, the stem is titanium-reinforced, which makes the glass stronger and more resistant to abrasion. Second, just like all of our glassware, it is dishwasher safe, so you don’t have to worry about washing them by hand at the end of the night, especially if you’ve already put it to good use.

Our Beer Glasses also have a .95-millimeter thin rim, allowing the beer to flow effortlessly from the glass to the mouth. Our Beer Glasses are also made from two pieces of glass, rather than the typical three. The bowl and stem are pulled from one piece of glass, and the base is then attached, making them more durable. 

Lastly, the Made In Beer Glass is an equal-opportunity glass. There is not one beer that won’t benefit or shine from being served in our them. Whether it's a sessionable flavor punch of a pale ale, smooth, refreshing pilsner, or a tart and palatable sour, your beer deserves to be served in a Made In Beer Glass.

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