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The Fishing Knife Set: How to Make the Most of Your Fish

By George Steckel
Jul 9, 2021
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The majority of the time you buy fish at a supermarket, it comes pre-portioned, and we’re here to switch that narrative! Don’t you want to control your portions? Or choose whether or not the skin is on or off? Or maybe you want to buy a whole fish and use the leftover bones and parts you won’t be eating to make a flavorful broth for your risotto. Now, you can do all the above. With the help of chef Tom Colicchio, we have developed two fishing knives, both of which will immediately help you bring out the best of your fish. Both knives are made in the U.S.A and are perfect, whether you’re out on the boat or in your home kitchen.

The Fishing Knife Set

Featuring two knives, our Fishing Knife Set has everything you need to make perfectly clean cuts of fish. Both knives feature a rubber handle, making it slip-resistant for easy handling on the boat, and a blade made from high-carbon stainless steel.

The first knife is the Flexible Fillet Knife, which features a straight edge with a sharp tapered point to cut through the skin of the fish and work along the spine and bones.

The Utility Knife has a serrated edge and is designed to be used for tougher cuts, like cutting through the head, a thick spine, or even working through frozen fish.

Why You Should Buy a Whole Fish

With our Fishing Knife Set, buying a whole fish allows you to unlock so much more than just buying fillets. First, buying a whole fish is cheaper than just buying fillets. And if you’re thinking that you’re paying for extra parts of the fish you wouldn’t usually use, then allow us to shed some light. Fish collars, fish bones, and fish heads are extremely valuable.

Fish collars are in between the head and the fillet of the fish and are cannot miss pieces of the fish. Think like chicken wings, but on the fish. They’re fatty, super forgiving when cooking, and just straight-up delicious. We love throwing them on the grill or under the broiler to get them nice and crispy. Brush them during the cooking process with some sauce or its marinade for perfectly layered flavor.

Don’t toss the head or spine! Fish stock is super flavorful and an easy way to add extra depth of flavor to your dishes. To make it, simply add your leftover spine, bones, cleaned head (give it a rinse under your sink), and any leftover chunks of meat that might not have been big enough to serve on their own to a stock pot and cover with water and aromatics. Then, use your fish stock for risotto, create a pan sauce for seared fish, steam mussels, or use in bouillabaisse.

Portioning Your Own Fillets

Different preparations of fish call for different cuts. Whether you’re frying fish for a sandwich, grilling fish for tacos, or poaching fish in tomato, you need exact cuts for your fish to make sure everything cooks evenly and is prepared perfectly. Even if you’re simply searing or grilling a piece of fish, and one side of the fillet is smaller than the other, you’ll have uneven cooking times and overcooked fish. To make these exact cuts, you can either buy a whole fish as we talked about above, or buy a whole fillet and then portion it out to your liking.

In the end, having knives specific for a job is incredibly important. Our Fishing Knife Set will give you perfect cuts of fish and clean butchering, all resulting in perfect summer meals like ceviche, bouillabaisse, fried fish sandwiches, and grilled fish tacos.