The Best Pans for Healthy Cooking

When it comes to cooking healthy, the pan you use matters. That’s why we outlined the best pans for healthy cooking.

George Steckel|Dec 25, 2020

The new year brings new ambitions, and one of those ambitions is eating healthier. However, you shouldn’t just change what you eat, but how

you cook your ingredients as well. And for that, there are certain cookware materials that are better for the job than others.

What Makes a Pan Healthy?

Of course, a pan itself isn’t necessarily healthier than others. It’s what you need to add to the pan when cooking that will determine whether or not it promotes a healthy lifestyle.

Some pans, like Stainless Steel or Copper, require excess cooking fats such as canola oil or butter to make sure that your food doesn’t stick. However, our Non Stick Cookware requires no additives to ensure that your food won’t stick.

Non Stick Cookware

The best pan for healthy cooking is Non Stick, our Non Stick to be precise, mainly because our PTFE-coated

Non Stick Cookware

requires no oil to use.

Not only is our Non Stick Cookware Set made with two layers of entirely non-toxic PTFE coating, but our Non Stick Pots and Pans feature our 5-Ply Stainless Clad Construction, which provides extremely consistent and even heating.

Our Non Stick Cookware lasts 70x longer than “


” cookware, which means that you won’t need to add extra cooking fats to make up for a degrading surface like you would with “ceramic” cookware.

So whether you’re searing salmon in our

Saute Pan

, cooking eggs in our

Frying Pan

, or making tomato sauce in our


, you can trust that our high-performance PTFE coating will deliver hassle-free cooking, with minimal cooking fats required. Oh, and clean up will take just seconds, too.

Roasting Pan

Another healthy cookware option that many home cooks love is

Carbon Steel Cookware

. Similar to Cast Iron Cookware, Carbon Steel doesn’t have a non stick coating, but it can achieve non stick tendencies if


, cooked with, and cared for correctly. This means you can use minimal oil when cooking.


Carbon Steel Roasting Pan

is perfect if you’re trying to eat healthier. It will cook your veggies to perfection, thanks to its high walls. And, due to the Roasting Pan’s large surface area, any veggie can be roasted, whether it's potatoes, whole carrots, cauliflower steaks, or brussels sprouts.

Best of all, it can achieve non stick tendencies with proper care and seasoning, you don’t need to add a lot of oil.