Behind the Design: Roasting Pan

Designed in partnership with Chef Tom Colicchio, this is the only Roasting Pan you’ll ever need.

By Team Made In
Sep 27, 2022
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Because Chef Tom Colicchio, Founder of Craft Hospitality, uses a Roasting Pan everyday, he was the first person we turned to when looking to design a Roasting Pan. His expertise helped ensure our design was perfect for fitting a 12 lb turkey (the just right amount), and suitable for weeknight dinners anytime of the year. Here are three key features of the Made In Carbon Steel Roasting Pan.

Carbon Steel Construction

Many Roasting Pans are made out of Stainless Steel, or even Aluminum. We decided to take it a step further and craft ours from Carbon Steel. Not only is Carbon Steel naturally non stick, it also ensures even heating all the way through. It is designed to perform, and crafted to last. Plus, unlike aluminum, you can start your roasts on the stovetop, and then move them to the oven.

High Walls

This was one of Chef Colicchio’s biggest complaints about Roasting Pans on the market: not nearly enough of them had high walls. Higher walls ensure even-cooking and help ingredients stay nice and moist instead of drying out like they would on a sheet pan. For our Roasting Pan, we made sure that the walls were high enough to make sure any ingredient was nice and crispy.

Curved Edges

Chef Colicchio noticed that many Roasting Pans have straight edges, which is ultimately silly, and specifically requested we design one with curved edges. When a Roasting Pan has straight edges, ingredients get caught in the corners and tend to burn. So we designed ours with  curved edges, so that you can create a pan sauce from drippings right on the stovetop without worrying if a piece of an ingredient is crammed into a corner and slowly catching on fire.