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Introducing The Griddle System

A modular cooking system built for your stovetop to the campsite

Why The Griddle System?

Meet the Made In Griddle System, an award-winning restaurant-style flat top that’s joined by a brand new modular Griddle System.  Designed for both indoor-outdoor cooking, the Griddle is a customizable toolset (including adjustable stands, styles of surface, a lid, and a grill press) that lets you take the Griddle anywhere. Start with the full Griddle system or build it over time.

Go Behind the Design of our Griddle System

Made In Culinary Expert Rhoda Boone walks you through the design and uses of the brand new Made In Griddle System.

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From The Stove To The Campground

pancakes on griddle
griddle burgers
steak and eggs on griddle
griddle system with lid
The Griddle System
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An open fire in a brick fireplace with pans on top, cooking food over the flames.
The Summer Collection
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Modular Outdoor Cooking Ability

Add the modular stand to your Made In Griddle to create the perfect outdoor and camping cooking station. Two height options let you cook over coals or an open flame.

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Easy, Portable Setup

griddle system portability
griddle system assembly
griddle over live fire

Where There's Fire, There's Flavor

Where There's Fire, There's Flavor

As days grow longer and hotter, our taste shifts toward simple pleasures—bubbly apéritifs, convivial al fresco dining, and the distinct smoky char that comes from cooking over flame. The Griddle System embodies that, offering a curated collection of warm-weather cooking essentials that bring heat and flavor, no matter where you are.

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Carbon Steel gets crazy hot on the stovetop and will give you the perfect sear for your steaks.
Tom Colicchio
Founder of Crafted HospitalityNew York, NY
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Carbon Steel gets so hot and can hold heat better than anything.
Edgar Rico
Nixta TaqueriaAustin, TX
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The Made In pans are well made, heavy duty, conduct heat, and are a joy to cook with.
Nancy Silverton
Chef of Mozza, Co-Owner of Mozza Restaurant GroupLos Angeles, CA
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Founders' Note

Born out of our 100-year old, family-owned restaurant supply business, we started Made In to bring restaurant-quality, performance kitchenware to home cooks around the world. We're excited you're here to cook with us.

- Jake & Chip, Co-Founders of Made In

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