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"So call your mom and tell her you don't feel like graduating after all. And you're not going to get married, either. You're going to buy your own cookware." - Epicurious

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The 9 Best Skillets of 2020

Chowhound 1.8.19

Robb Recommends: The Pans Worthy of Michelin 3-Star Kitchens

Robb Report 12.27.19

Why Carbon Steel Pans Are What the Pros Use

Wall Street Journal 12.12.19

Matt Horn Contributes to New Cookbook

Oakland Magazine 12.8.19

Made In Cookware Review

Resident 12.8.19

Best 12-Inch Nonstick Skillets

Cook's Illustrated 12.4.19

The Coolest Pieces of Gear We Tested This Week

Men's Journal 11.21.19

7 Best Stainless Steel Cookware Sets to Buy in 2019, According to Kitchen Experts?

Good Housekeeping 11.21.19

These Companies Want to Change How You Buy Cookware. Are They Worth Your Money?

TheKitchn 11.19.19

100 Of The World's Most Promising Start-Ups

CNBC 11.12.19

9 Cool Cooking Gifts for Avid Home Cooks, as Recommended by Professional Chefs

Business Insider 11.5.19

Balancing Friendship and Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneur 11.3.19

30 Things JS Editors Are Splurging on This November

Jetsetter 11.1.19

53 Gifts for the Most Stylish Man in Your Life

Town & Country 10.25.19

Made in America: How this company cooks up cookware across the U.S.A.

Fox Business News 10.12.19

The 10 Best Direct-to-Consumer Cookware Brands of 2019

Chowhound 10.15.19

The New $99 Pan That Everyone Should Own

TheKitchn 10.15.19

This Affordable Cookware Brand Wants to Equip Your Whole Kitchen—Here's Why We Love It

Food & Wine 10.10.19

Review: Made In Wants You to Ditch Nonstick and Cast Iron for … Blue Carbon Steel?

Inside Hook 9.27.19

This Beautiful Kitchenware Is as Solid and Well Made as It Looks

Daily Beast 9.26.19

PEOPLE's 50 Food Favorites of 2019

People 9.25.19

The Best Everyday Pots and Pans for Every Kind of Cook

Gear Patrol 9.20.19

9 Best Woks, According to Kitchen Experts and Reviewers

Good Housekeeping.com 8.29.19

Made In Wants to Simplify Your Kitchen Toolkit

Loose Threads Podcast 8.29.19

Made In Cookware: Hands-On Review

The Kitchen Witches | 7.23.19

Childhood friends disrupt cookware industry with USA made products

MSNBC 6.16.19

Cook Like a Pro With These Top-Rated Stainless Steel Sets

Yahoo.com 6.12.19

Ignore the gadgets — these chef-approved basics are the key for making the best eggs

EATER 6.7.19

Father's Day Gift Guide: Best Kitchen Gear For Home Chefs

Forbes 5.24.19

Mother’s Day Gifts for the Foodie in Your Life

US Magazine 5.16.19

Gifts for the Most Stylish Man in Your Life

Town and Country 5.12.19

5 Pans to Consider Before Upgrading Your Cookware This Spring, From Cast Iron to Carbon Steel.

Yahoo 5.8.19

Best Mother's Day Gifts

Gear Patrol 5.7.19

The Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide for Foodie Moms

Michelin Guide 5.1.19

Bringing a DTC Brand to the Boil: Q&A with Cookware Business Made In

DTC Daily 5.1.19

This Wok Will Sit on Your Stovetop

The New York Times 4.16.19

'Made In' aims to make go-to premium cookware

Yahoo Finance 4.15.19

Could this cookware help you channel your inner Grant Achatz?

Food Sided 4.15.19

This $69 carbon steel pan combines the best traits of cast iron skillets and stainless steel pans — I get why professional chefs love using them

Business Insider 4.10.19

Made In Cookware’s Carbon Steel is Cast Iron’s Lightweight Cousin — And It's Worth Investing In.

Daily Beast 4.10.19

Why This Fast-Growing Cookware Company Is Backed by the Alinea Group and Tom Colicchio.

Food & Wine 4.3.19

With Growth Skyrocketing, Made-In Cookware Raises $5 Million Seed Round.

Forbes 4.3.19

Made In Wants to Be the Dollar Shave Club of Your Kitchen

Bloomberg Business News 4.3.19

Alinea Group’s Achatz, Kokonas invest in cookware firm

Crains Chicago Business 4.3.19

Made In, an Austin cookware company, stirs up a $5 million investment

Austin Statemen 4.3.19

Here's why 10,000 cookware enthusiasts are on a waitlist for Made In.

Fast Company 2.11.19

14 home storage solutions: the Universal Lid

The TODAY Show 1.29.19

A Restaurant Workhorse for Your Kitchen

The New York Times 1.22.19

Why the Kitchen Was the It Room of 2018

Domino 1.04.19

The Last Time This Chef’s Knife Was Available It Sold Out in 24 Hours

Gear Patrol 1.03.19

Never Lose a Pot Lid Again With This One-Size-Fits-All Option

Brit & Co 12.20.18

How a new wave of direct-to-consumer brands are giving big names a run for their money

Eater 12.03.18

Home for the Holidays! 16 Great Gift Ideas and Entertaining Goodies for Homebodies

Parade 12.03.18

Home for the Holidays! 16 Great Gift Ideas and Entertaining Goodies for Homebodies

Parade 12.03.18

Equinox Gift Guide For The Home

Furthermore | 11.23.18

Best Inventions Of The Year.

Time Magazine | 11.15.18

The 12 Best Kitchen Knives You Can Buy in 2018

Gear Patrol | 11.7.18

32 gifts anyone who just moved into a new apartment will appreciate not having to buy themselves

Business Insider | 11.5.18

This Michelin rated chef says cooking for yourself is the best self care

Moneyish| 10.31.18

3 Premium Kitchen Tools Absolutely Worth the Money

Gear Patrol| 10.30.18

The Best Cookware Sets From Direct-to-Consumer Companies

Epicurious | 10.23.18

Even at $89, This Chef’s Knife Is an Absolute Steal.

Gear Patrol | 10.23.18

Startup Cookware Company Made In Brings New Products Directly To Your Kitchen.

Forbes | 10.23.18

Best Of the Test: Cookware, Best Made In America Stainless Steel Cookware.

Good Housekeeping, November Edition

Tom Colicchio Is Now Selling Pro-Quality Affordable Cookware Beginning at $59 (Yes, He Uses it Himself).

Bravo | 10.08.18

Tom Colicchio Partners With New Cookware Brand.

People | 10.08.18

Made In’s Collaboration with Illustrator Will Bryant Is Downright Joyful.

Epicurious | 10.05.18

Our Texas Fall Style Essentials

Texas Monthly | 10.2.18

The Case for Throwing Away Your Pot Lids.

Food & Wine | 9.25.18

Digitally native, vertically integrated (DNVI) cookware retailer Made In wants to be a lifestyle brand.

Digital Commerce 360 | 9.5.18

Which New Start-up Makes the Best Cookware?

New York Magazine | 8.31.18

30 Appliances and Tools That We Swear By in the Kitchen.

Business Insider | 8.13.18

Austin-based company is selling Instagram-friendly cookware for a new generation of cooks.

Austin Statesmen | 8.1.18

Spotlight Series: Made In Cookware.

All American Reviews | 7.17.18

These Cookware Companies Are Making It Easy to Shop for High-Quality Pots and Pans.

Vogue | 7.11.18

Fun Summer Colors For a Seriously Well Made Pan.

Epoch Times | 6.14.18

The Best Places to Buy Quality, Affordable Cookware Online.

Architectural Digest | 5.30.18

We're Calling It: Red Is The Color Of Summer

Domino | 5.27.18

Made In Launches Color

Cooking Light | 5.27.18

The 'Warby Parker of Cookware' Now Comes In Color

Extra Crispy | 5.24.18

Made In Cookware Releases Summer Fry Pans In Bright Blue, Green, and Red.

Epicurious | 5.23.18

18 things new college graduates should invest in now instead of buying the cheap versions.

Business Insider| 5.22.18

Move Aside All-Clad: This Startup's Cookware Is Just as Great, for Half the Price

Cooking Light | 5.10.18

Made In Cookware: The Fresh All-American Line of Kitchen Essentials

Foodal | 5.5.18

10 New Kitchen and Tabletop Disrupters

Business Insider | 4.25.18

22 Mother’s Day gifts that new moms will undoubtedly appreciate

Business Insider | 4.25.18

Mother's Day Gifts For Moms Who Love Food

Forbes | 4.25.18

Review: Made In Cookware

The Cookware Advisor | 4.22.18

The Best Kitchen Tools and Appliances For The Money.

Gear Patrol | 4.18.18

New Food Products We Love.

Honest Cooking | 4.18.18

Like Casper, But for Knives.

Bon Appetit | 3.29.18 

Made In Provides Cookware For The Takeout Generation.

Forbes | 3.26.18

What Everlane did with fashion, making nice clothes affordable but cutting out retail middlemen and educating consumers on pricing, [Made In] is trying to do with cookware.

Eater| 3.26.18

Quality Affordable Pots and Pans Made In America? These Guys Did It

Fast Company | 3.26.18

5 New Cookware Companies We're Really Excited About

TheKitchn | 3.22.18

Kitchenware startups targeting millennial home cooks

Curbed | 3.22.18

20 of the most exciting under-the-radar retail startups to watch in 2018

Business Insider | 3.14.18

You Need Two Types of Frying Pans. Let an Expert Tell You Why

Gear Patrol | 3.5.18

Made In's Price-Quality Ratio Is Very Positive

The New York Times | 2.27.18

Made In Cookware Is a Home Cook's New Best Friend

Metro | 2.27.18

Made In's Professional Cookware Won't Empty Your Bank Account

Tasting Table | 2.15.18


Babble | 2.15.18

The Best Stainless Steel Cookware Sets for Your Kitchen

Good Housekeeping | 2.14.18

Current Obsessions: The Romantics

Remodelista | 2.10.18

40 Products That'll Help You Be More Responsible Right Now

BuzzFeed | 2.13.18

I’m never going back to my old frying pan after trying this kitchen startup’s under-$100 cookware

Business Insider | 1.24.18

11 Great Valentine's Day Gifts for Her

Parade Magazine | 2.01.18


Inside Hook | 1.25.18

8 Up-and-Coming Wedding Registry Brands You NEED To Know About

Brides.com | 1.16.18

CH Omakase 2017: Made In Cookware Skillet and Saucepan Set

Cool Hunting | 1.07.18

The Best Nonstick Cookware

Good Housekeeping | 1.03.18

Off the Menu: Issue Three–Grab & Go Gifts

Life & Thyme | 12.20.17

9 Last Minute Gifts For The Meal Kit Obsessive

Forbes | 12.18.17

Buying Stainless Steel Cookware? Read This First

The Cookware Advisor | 12.12.17

Meet the new brands vying to be the Everlane of kitchenware

Fast Company | 12.05.17

Heritage Radio Network's Food Seen: Made In Cookware

Heritage Radio Network | 11.28.17

The Bloomberg Baystate Business Hour: Lamborghinis and Pans

Bloomberg | 11.24.17

This Week In Business

NECN | 10.27.17

Made In Crafts Direct-To-Consumer Cookware

HomeWorld Business | 10.23.17

Woman's Day Giveaway Feature

Woman's Day | 10.15.17

Greatist E-Newsletter

Greatist | 10.06.17

Entrepreneurs Tackle Direct-To-Consumer Cookware Made In America

Fox News Mornings with Maria | 09.28.17

The Affordable Cookware That Made Our Food Editor Chuck Her Pots and Pans

Greatist | 09.25.17

Cookware so nice you'll never order out again

Inside Hook | 09.22.17

Millennials are foodies but don’t have pans to prove it, company says

Boston Globe | 09.18.17

Made In Is the Warby Parker of Cookware and We're Intrigued

Epicurious | 09.07.17

Design: Direct-to-consumer cookware by Made In

CoolHunting | 09.07.17

Replace All Your Crappy Pots and Pans With This New Affordable Cookware Line

InStyle | 09.07.17

Made In Cookware is a Seamless (and Affordable) Blend of Form and Function

The Manual | 09.07.17

Made In Cookware To Debut In September

HomeWorld Business | 09.07.17

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