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From a Celebrity Chef

Celebrity Chef Tom Colicchio not only invested in Made In, but is outfitting his new restaurant in New York, Small Batch, with Made In. Hear why he loves our cookware in the video below.

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Based on 2607 reviews
great pan

Love both the skillet and the saute pan. Very high quality and I reach for them both more than any other pan. Highly recommend for all cooks.

Thank you, Dorothy!
Nice pan!

I’ve enjoyed working with my new pan. Looking forward to further seasoning as I use it.

non-stick pans

I have had some good cookware over the years but my new 12" & 10" non-stick pans are the best I've had.

Starter Kit

Love my new set of pot and pans! I recently read saw a documentary on Teflon and threw all my pans out and ordered Made in.

Outstanding cookware and beautiful. Professional grade. I have braised and simmered and boiled In my oven and on my induction stovetop. I couldn’t be more pleased.


I'm enjoying my new set of cookware, great quality, easy to clean, great price. Will buy more when I need them.

carbon fry pan

I used the wax to season this pan and Im very happy how easy it was to use and how the instructions were so simple. Still getting use to the difference between my cast iron pan but happy with the results so far (still experimenting). I do recommend this since it is lighter and easier to cook with and the results are
as advertised.

Very nice pans

The pans are extremely nice. Great value. Excellent customer service! I don't have any complaints!

Thank you so much, Jan!
Wokkity Wok Wok

I ABSOLUTLEY LOVE IT!! So Easy!!! The Flavors of This Little Goat is Awesome too. Love to cook with them. Will definitely get more

Thank you so much for your review, Jennifer!

After a lot of research and a few calls to people I knew I decided to try out Made In Cookware. We were in the market for a new Wok and I really like the design and materials they use. The Wok is legit! Solid and heats up fast on our induction system. I love it. We have now been using it for the past month and I am confident I will be coming back for more cookware!

This is great, Dave! Thanks!
Great cookware

Easy to clean

I loved it.

I loved the saucier and the 10” carbon steel frypan and I loved the customer service. Can’t be beat. Thank you.

The purchase was made as an early Christmas gift and has not been opened yet.


I would give you six stars if I could. You personally helped with several questions and a returned dented stock pot. This cookware is just awesome. Stainless steel has a learning curve. Spent one afternoon frying eggs, number eight was perfect. Will enjoy Made In for many years to come. Thank you and Lauren as well.

You are such a joy to work with, John! Thank you for your kind words!
I love our wok

First, it is a stunning piece of equipment and it was a pleasure to use! We are going to get a lot more innovative with our recipes as we love this wok!

I'm so happy to hear it, Claudia!
Love this wok!

Makes great stir-fry and seasoning it is a breeze. A perfect product.

Made in 10” frying pan

This pan heats up quickly and works on my induction stove top. Quality frying pan, clean up is easy.


Nice little pan, heats evenly, as it should, well made

Best pan I have ever used

The 12" Blue Carbon Steel Frying Pan replaced a whole bunch of pans and pots in my kitchen, including the cast iron, and other woks. It is perfect. Heats to optimal temp very quickly; maintains handle cool and delivers crispy cooking!

This is awesome! Thank you!
my new wok

I love all my products from Made In! I have never had quality cookware and it has been a learning process for me. It is easy when you have cheap pots/pans and throw wicked heat on them and wash them in the dishwasher! I rather enjoy washing them in the sink (along with my knives). I am brand new to a gas stove (frankly scares the hell out of me!) and I followed the instructions for seasoning the wok. It is no longer pretty, but hopefully I did it right. Have not had an opportunity to use the spices but plan to use them soon.

Chefs knife

Excellent feel in hand and very comfortable. Price was worth it.
I support your company. I do have a collection of great knives, this is one of the best overall. Thank You
Good luck

Thank you so much!
This pan is amazing

Great quality, great price. Couldn't ask for a better pan

Thanks, Alex!
Love my 10 inch skillet

This is the type of cookware that lasts for lifetimes. Very pleased with the pan. I have since placed an order for another 10 inch skillet and a 8 inch knife. I wish I could afford to have it monogrammed. But, maybe next time.


A great frying pan; FAST to heat, yet thick enough to avoid hot spots. I wish they would make a 15”-18” paella pan in this same steel! Get this frying pan it has become my first choice!

Quality cookware

Really enjoy using your cookware ,love how fast it heats up along with the even distribution of cooking surface,a must have