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From a Celebrity Chef

Celebrity Chef Tom Colicchio not only invested in Made In, but is outfitting his new restaurant in New York, Small Batch, with Made In. Hear why he loves our cookware in the video below.

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Love my Blue Carbon Steel Pan

The smooth surface was easier to season than a cast iron pan. It should be more durable - our previous pan was cast iron that broke when it was dropped. This only cost 2x as much as cast iron but is much nicer to use. The longer handle doesn't get hot.

Thank you so much, Geoffrey!

Responsive customer service about seasoning questions. Excellent and beautiful product.

Thank you so much, Judith!
Good product, fair price

Very high quality wok. Enjoy using it. Sam Moore

Thanks, Sam!
Fabulous knife

I love this knife. Well balanced in my hand. Well made. Reasonably priced. Makes me love cooking!

I'm so happy to hear it, Alison! Thank you!
Large stainless skillet

The perfect distribution of heat makes cooking and frying in this skillet better than any I've had. In 47 years of marriage i have done some cooking! Thank you Made In. A fine product. Also have the 5 qt pot. A work horse!!!

Thank you, Betty!
Arrived on time, as advertised.

Arrived on time, as advertised.

I seasoned it in the oven, but have not cooked with it yet.

Made In

My pan is still fairly new, 3 weeks old, I think it will be great once fully seasoned. I followed your directions. I cook almost every day full family meals and have 2 old cast iron pans that were my grandmother's, I'm 62, do the math. Your pan is sleeker and not quite as heavy. I did an omelet and no sticking, so I'm pretty sold.

I am so happy you're enjoying it, Gena!
The Wok

I have a blue carbon crepe pan that I love. The wok is going to replace my favorite cast iron pan for every day use. The size, the light weight, and how fast it heats are all big pluses.

Thank you so much!

I like it because I can switch from stovetop to oven easily. It seems to cook things more evenly, also.

Thank you!
Satisfied Customer

Chefs knife- I have a good amount of kitchen knives, Made in is one of my favorites it just feels right.
Fry Pans- 8 inch blue coated- that’s my breakfast favorite.
Blue Steel- 10 inch and Wok, you’ll want to use them for everything.

Very satisfied with Made In Cookware

I'm so happy you are loving your Made In cookware and knife!
Blown away

So far, an amazing knife. Ridiculously sharp out of the box, and incredible balance. I saw a post calling the pic of the knife balanced on a fingertip photoshopped, and wanted to post a pic to show that wasn’t the case. Ya’ll don’t allow photos on your Facebook, understandably so. Time will tell how well the edge holds up, and ease of maintenance, but so far this knife blows blades that cost three times as much out of the water. I’m super happy. The red handle is icing on the cake

I love this so much, Erik! We are beyond thrilled you're happy with your knife. Thank you for taking the time to post your review and the photo!
Fantastic fry pan!

I love this pan. I carefully followed the seasoning directions and was rewarded with a slick, non-stick surface and easy clean-up The pan heats evenly and the shape is excellent for easy flipping and catching.

Thank you, Stephen!

Remodeling kitchen-no time to use

Congrats on the remodel! We can't wait to hear how you enjoy cooking with it when the time comes!
Really like this pan.

Followed directions cleaned and seasoned it. Cooked with it right away and was very happy with it.

This is great, Saul! Thank you!
Great Saucepan

I now own three Made In pots. The are well constructed, heat evenly, and are attractive. I especially like the fact that the handles stay cool. I’ve also purchase a chef’s knife that become my go to knife. I highly recommend Made In products.

This is awesome, Susan! Thank you!

100% satisfied

100% satisfied

I'm thrilled to hear it, James!
Works for me!

Chose this carbon steel skillet for my induction cooking as it is lighter than cast iron. Very happy with it.I followed directions to season one time. Easy process. Great results. Would buy again.

Thanks so much!
2nd one!

We bought this one for our son because we liked ours so well!

Parent of the Year award goes to you! I'm so happy you love yours and hope your son does as well!
Awesome quality and value

The saucier was intended to be a trial run; a single piece to give Made In a test drive. A week later I ended up buying 4 fry pans, 2 sauce pans, a saute pan, a carbon steel pan, and 3 universal lids. How they are able to make this stuff in the US at this level of quality and sell it at this price point is insane. I don't know how they make it work, but I'm thankful.

We are thankful for you too, Matthew! Thank you so much for the kind words.
New Favorite Pan

Like the title says, the Blue Carbon Steel Frying Pan is my new favorite. It was great to cook with right from the start, even before I got it seasoned. The seasoning process requires a bit of an investment of time but it's well worth it to me. I own several cast iron pans and one other carbon steel pan. They're all intermittently well seasoned. This one from Made In is the bomb. It's lighter and easier to work with than my other pans and the quality of construction is beautiful. The customer service is also excellent! I've emailed back and forth with Amanda and Clella and they've both been very helpful. When I make my next cookware purchase these folks are my first option.

You're such a joy to work with, Tim! Thank you for taking the time to leave such a thoughtful review!
Great universal lid!

This silicone universal lid is great! It's well made and definitely fits several sizes of pots and skillets.

Thanks, Elizabeth!
Ready, set, cook!

Panfrying is so much easier. No more overcooking my food.

YAY! I'm happy to hear it!
8 inch chef knife ==


Thank you, Ann!