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From a Celebrity Chef

Celebrity Chef Tom Colicchio not only invested in Made In, but is outfitting his new restaurant in New York, Small Batch, with Made In. Hear why he loves our cookware in the video below.

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1qt. Sauce pan

Sized just right, even heat for cream sauce tonight. Nice pan y’all.

Even cooking and amazing clean up.

This classy cookware had even cooking temperatures and was very easy to clean up. A nice addition to my kitchen cookware.

Thanks, Mitchell!
These products ROCK!

Just received my Made In Butcher Block and Carbon Steel Wok. Both are amazing! I have all Carbon Steel products now. These are solid pans/wok and is all that I use my kitchen. Got my eye on the stainless Saute Pan next. A coupon in email would be an awesome surprise! :-)

I am so happy to hear how much you are loving all of your Made In products! Thanks so much for the kind words, Rick!
The only knives I’ll need!

Love these knives! So glad I found this company!

We are glad you found us, too!

By far the best non stick, non toxic pan we have ever owned. Perfect eggs finally!

Thanks, Tom!
I LOVE this knife!

I use it for almost everything. It is so well balanced, it is a pleasure to use. In my entire universe of knives (multiple), it is the one I reach for first and often wash and dry in the middle of preparation instead of using one of my other perfectly adequate knives. And, I love the color of the h andle!

This is awesome, Sidney! Thanks so much!

Blue Carbon Steel Wok

working great

the non-stick pans seem of very high quality. Also love the shape/form of the pans. Very happy with my purchase.

This is great to hear, Quynh!
I love this pan!

Even on our crappy little stove, the surface and heat retention of this pan makes cooking well so much easier, hence the food better tasting. Thinking about getting a carbon steel wok soon.

I am so happy you're loving your carbon steel pan, Dale! The wok is such a fun addition to the collection - you won't regret it!
Hot Damn!

This has overtaken the title amongst my pans as the hottest and fastest to heat. Cleaning is easy even with saucy dishes. My only wish is that is was a little bit lighter (even if it means it was smaller. eg. 10in) and with but a more ergonomic handle.

I am so happy you're enjoying your wok! Thank you so much for your feedback as well, Fumi!

Frying Pans

Great pans, fair price

These pans are the real deal. Solid, good weight, comfortable handles. I bought them for my son and his girl friend and wanted to keep them for myself!!

Maybe another kit is in the cards at some point for your kitchen! Thanks for your review, Thomas!
Sharp as can be!

The Chef Knife is a winner. Feels great in the hand and is well balanced. However, this knife is very, very sharp. Make sure to respect it and it will serve you well.

Blue Carbon

I am a big fan of cast iron and have been building a seasoning on one for about two years. The one I own is lighter, for cast iron. I decided to give the carbon steel a try and it is definitely similar. However, it is lighter, seasons quicker, and if you drop it you won't break it or your toe.

Thank you so much, David!

We are moving so I haven’t taken it out of the box. Will review later. Thx.

Let us know if any questions come up!
Always ready

I always have the Butcher Block on the counter ready to go. I it nice to know it is NOT making my knives dull. The design is elegant and very well made.

Stock Pots
Makes a huge difference.

I use this pan as a partner to the saute pan. I use if for soups and noodles, mainly. I thought it might be a bit small, but it has served my family of four like a champ. I find it helps bring water to a boiler faster than my previous stock pot. I was love the interchangeabls lids.

Saute Pan
Fearless pan

If you can only own one pan, this is the one. It is not afraid or anything. Since it is 4 quarts it can handle larger meals. It can function as a large fry pan or shallow pot. Love the higher sides to minimize splashing for an over zealous cook. Perfect college graduate gift!

Love the pan, not sure about the handle.

The pan has been working beautifully so far. The combination of fast heating and seasoning leading to eventual non-stick capabilities is lovely. The handle however is a bit off. It is very wide and curves up very high above the pan. Add in a towel to protect your hand if needed and it is almost to large for my hand to hold. The grain of salt in this is that my hands are not large but at the same time neither are my wife's so there is a wide swatch of the population that could struggle to use this great tool.

I'm so happy you love the pan, Joe! And thank you for your handle feedback. We appreciate it!
LOVE these pans!!!!!!

I use these pans for everything, when I reheated a rice dish, some of it stuck to the bottom, but I let it soak overnight and it came clean, like new! I was so excited that there were no stains or marks on the pan!

Yay!! Thank you so much, Mesa!

Works great! Read pamphlet included with for proper care and tips. I love the feel and weight of this pan, and the feel and comfort /ergonomics of the handle especially.

Thanks, John!
Very happy

The pan I ordered was perfect and was the only pan I was missing. It performs as I expected. I had done a lot of research to find a pan like this that was also affordable. If i have to give one piece of advice it would be to send instructions on how to care for the pan or any items. Mostly I appreciate that it is made right here in the USA.

Thank you so much for your kind words and feedback! We appreciate it, Edwin!
A chef’s Frying Pan

I’ve used up over a 1000 pans in my professional life as a chef , and this Carbon Steel Pan is a Lifetime Pan if you take care of the Seasoning process. There isn’t a pan that is it’s equal in construction or ease of use. The price is Amazing considering this is a true Hand Me Down Pan you should put in your will to your kids.

Thank you so much for this. You totally just made our whole day! I am beyond thrilled to hear how much you are enjoying your carbon steel pan!
Best Cookware Investment I Ever Made

I got attracted to Made In because I was considering a purchase of the Sous Chef Kit to upgrade my cookware. However, I had also been reading about carbon steel cookware and decided to give the Made In Blue Carbon Steel Kit a try before making a bigger investment. Quite simply, it was the best investment I've ever made in cookware. I've never enjoyed cooking more than I have with these amazing fry pans and wok. I look forward to upgrading the rest of my cookware sometime in the future and will definitely be going with Made In.

This is amazing. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave such a thoughtful review, Jason!
Great product

Made my pan stick free on the first try!

Awesome to hear!