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From a Celebrity Chef

Celebrity Chef Tom Colicchio not only invested in Made In, but is outfitting his new restaurant in New York, Small Batch, with Made In. Hear why he loves our cookware in the video below.

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Core Kit

I needed a new cookware preferably in stainless steel for our Indian cooking. Read several articles and ended up at Made In website. Its very impressive explaining every detail from making to usage.After reading all the positive reviews, led me to the decision of ordering The Core Kit. After using for 100 days, as promised it’s the best cookware with best quality for the best price compared to all other top brands.
Thank You Made In for the outstanding quality and great customer service by Amanda.

I am so happy to hear how much you are enjoying your cookware! You are a joy to work with!

I purchased a non-stick fry pan and 2 quart sauce pan from Made-In to replace Le Creuset iron cookware I’ve used for 30+ years. I use the new fry pan almost daily and find it to cook well and clean up exceptionally well.

The sauce pan is a terrific size and shape and the lid not only fits perfectly, but it looks beautiful. Great cookware that I highly recommend.

Annette – Pearland, Texas

Ideal for high powered gas ranges

Color me impressed especially after going through Thanksgiving with this saucier. Cranberry sauce and gravy were no match and clean-up a breeze. The powerful gas range at our new house was heating up the sides of my other pans too much so I gave this a try after reading about the build quality. Now I plan to replace my existing set with Made In as funds allow. Nice work!

I am so happy to hear your new saucier helped make your Thanksgiving cooking a bit more enjoyable! Thank you for leaving your review, Trudi!
Great product

We really love are pots & pans we are very satisfied with made in and most of all their made in America.

Thanks, Joseph!

I am more than pleased with the quality and performance of the cookware pieces that I have purchased. My point of comparison is Demeyere 5-plus cookware of which I have several pieces. My only reservation (selfish, I know) is the cost of shipping to Hawaii. I wish you and Made In Cookware well. Have a great holiday season!

I'm so happy you are enjoying your saute pan! We will continue to seek out cost effective and reliable shipping methods to all locations, so do check back with us if you need to place another order!
Very nice knife

As an engineer I really appreciate how the knife is made and the very excellent Rockwell C hardness means it will stay sharp for a long time. It is my go to knife now.

I'm thrilled to hear you are loving your knife, Chris! Thanks for taking the time to leave your review!
1 qt. sauce

I love this little pan. It cooks really evenly and is wide enough that there is quick evaporative loss for reductions. The pan has lower sides and a wider bottom than I had expected so I am still looking for a deeper 1 qt pan with less top surface area (evaporation surface) for my morning grits or oatmeal.

I'm so glad you like your 1 QT pan, Marsha!

Prep work made oh so easy with this knife! I love the design. Sharp, sleek and durable! Look no further for a great versatile kitchen knife.

Thanks so much, Kristen!
Wow. Sharpest knife in the drawer

Absolutely awesome. Best knife I have ever owned. Am sure it will continue to perform as advertised. Highly recommended.

This is fantastic to hear, Kim! Thank you so much!
Starter Set

Love it. I have followed instructions to heat pan before adding oil or food. The pans have released the food beautifully. I have been very impressed with my set and would reccomend them to anyone.

I'm so happy you are enjoying your cookware, Kathy!
Good knife

It makes me feel like a grownup. I'm 71.

Thank, Mary!
Made in cookware is AWESOMENESS!

We bought the kitchen sink package and added a couple extra pieces to complete the set for our needs. Love this cookware. It cleans up real easy, cooks everything to perfection and have learned a few new things about the use of cookware in general to make cooking more of a pleasure than a task. The make it like new cleaner does the job with ease and the made in knife is balanced perfectly and gets the job done. We are extremely happy with this set and have become made in customers for life. Keep making great products. Definitely reccomend made in.

Wow, John! Thank you so much for taking the time to leave your review. I am thrilled to hear you are so happy with all of your cookware!
Arrived on time, as advertised.

Arrived on time, as advertised.

I like mine and my friend in Austin loves his.

I sharpened both of them and gave one to his wife.

She told me he loved it.

I'm so thrilled to hear this, Joe!
This Knife is Like a Surgical Instrument

Since I like to cook, I decided to 'splurge" on this Chef Knife. I can honestly say, I've never experienced a knife as sharp as this one. None of the knives I've previously owned come close to the quality of this one. Its nice looking and feels good in the hand. You won't be sorry if you get one!

Thank you so much, Ronnie!
French chefs knife

Very nice I use it every day!

This is awesome to hear, Gary! Thanks!
Looks nice, appropriated by wife...

This is a beautiful knife, well made and balanced, and the edge is nice and sharp. Unfortunately for me, I guess I finally found a knife that the wife likes - she loves the weight and feel. There is probably no greater praise... this is the first piece of cookware that she EVER remarked favorably on!

We are honored to hear your wife likes her new knife! Thanks so much for taking the time to leave your review, Larry!
great knife

A very good addition to my knife collection. Has good balance and good grip and is very sharp

I'm glad to hear you are enjoying your knife, Ken!

8 Inch Chef Knife


This is the best knife I have purchased. It is stunning good and modern and well balanced ! Outstanding value

Thanks, Kenneth!
Love it!!

I love my wonderful red knife!. In fact, I like it so much that I’ve ordered one for my son and daughter-in-law. And I can’t bear to throw out the presentation box so I’m keeping it even though I have my knife stored in the protective sheath in my knife draw. I’m looking forward to any other knives you may offer.

Great, great cookware!!

Ordered the 10” and 12” frying pans. Great price high quality, excellent heat distribution and very easy to clean up. So impressed that I bought a full set for my son as a present. Recommend highly!!

This is fantastic to hear, Kevin! Thanks so much!
Excellent Cookware!

I needed new cookware to work on an induction cook-top. I researched numerous brands for a good week and decided on Made-In.

I Ordered the 8" and 10" non sticks and 4pt sauce pan with lid.

10 cups of water in the 4qt pot , no lid, came to boil in just under 7 minutes!

The pans are well constructed and you tell just by holding them. Hefty but not super heavy like cast iron and priced right for the quality, well under All-Clad brand.

This is quality stuff that will last a long time. I'll be adding a 12" stainless fry pan in the future for high heat pan searing for sure.

The website is quite nice as well.

Thanks Made-In!

What a fantastic review! Thank you so much for taking the time to leave your review. I am thrilled to hear you're loving your cookware!

I ordered two so I could compare them, both are really good knives, I left a full review on the Made In Facebook page, check it out. Excellent addition to any kitchen.

Thanks so much, Jerry! We appreciate your time to do such a thorough review!
What's not to love?

I have a Wusthof 8" chef's knife which I really like, but it's a stamped knife (which performs my humble cutting tasks very well). This Made In knife has a solid, very stable feel to it . . . has just the right amount of heft and balance in the hand. From tip to back it feels like a continuation of my hand. Fantastic edge, clean, smooth slicing, and keeps its edge. Absolutely wonderful value for the quality it brings to bear.

I am so happy to hear you are enjoying the Chef Knife! Thank for taking the time to leave your review, Jeffery!
The Core
New cookware from Made in

I just purchased some new cookware from Made in to replace William Sonoma cookware I’ve had for the past 25 years. I’m extremely pleased with my purchase. Outstanding quality and both the stainless steel and nonstick pans are superior to anything I have ever owned. I highly recommend this product.

I'm so glad to hear this, Richard! Thanks for leaving your review!