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From a Celebrity Chef

Celebrity Chef Tom Colicchio not only invested in Made In, but is outfitting his new restaurant in New York, Small Batch, with Made In. Hear why he loves our cookware in the video below.

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Stock pot

Love the made in cookware! It heats evenly and love the shape

I'm so happy to hear you are loving your cookware, Lynn!
Awesome Cookware

I have been cooking for fifty years. I can truly say that the saucier I bought is the best, and most versatile, pan I have ever had. I use it for everything I cook. It lives up to all of Made In's claims. I have the stock pan on backorder and I bought the saute pan for my daughter. My food cooks more quickly and cleanup is easy. I am not sorry I made this purchase. You can buy a whole set of cookware for the price of one of Made In's larger pans, but the quality is nowhere as good as Made In's cookware.

I am so thrilled to hear you're loving your cookware, Edwina! That stock pot should be with you very soon, too :). Thank you for taking the time to leave your review!
Made In Cookware

Love it!!!! Cooks great, cleans up easily, well made. Will purchase more in the future for myself and gifts.

This is awesome to read, Rosalie! Thank you!
12" Frying pan

great frying pan

Thank you, John!
great pan

My latest Made in pan purchase was the 10" non stick fry pan...It is an awesome pan! I use it for eggs, omelet's, etc. were non stick helps. It is just like all my other Made In pans (10" fry, 12" fry, saute pan, 2 quart sauce pan)...they perform awesome, heat evenly, and are just well made pans. I will be purchasing more Made In pans.

Great job Made In

Jerry V

Thank you so much, Jerry! We are so happy to hear you're loving your Made In cookware!
Buy this pan!!

This pan will exceed your expectations for even heating and comfortable handling. Definetely a professional grade pan for a blue collar foodie like me. I look forward to using this pan so much, I seek recipes out just to use it! I wish it came in a 14 inch size (Hint Hint).
It takes a lot to commit to making a purchase of this amount, but the Made In pans I own will outlive me and make cooking enjoyable for generations. Buy this pan and smile.

Thank you so much for your awesome review, Deb! You put smiles on faces all around the office this afternoon!
Great functional pan

I got the 4 quart saute pan for an all purpose cooking pot. It's a perfect size and the high sides help minimize splatters. Be sure to read instructions as the heating and oil suggestions make a difference. May purchase a second for my other house but hope the lid is available.

I am so happy you're loving your saute pan, Pam! I'll send you separate email here shortly regarding that lid!
Great cookware

I love the even heat and cool handles of this cookware. It’s very high quality

Thank you, Julia!
Why this is good cookware

Good cookware is measured in terms of how well it conducts and distributes heat. A good heat conductor evenly distributes heat around the pan to avoid hot spots in food. A hot spot is where one part of your food might burn while the other part is still cool.

The best metals for heat conductivity are Gold, Silver, Copper, then Aluminum. The first two metals are hardly ever found in cookware because of their expensive cost. Copper is a great conductor, yet it too can be costly. Aluminum works great for conductivity and is priced reasonably, yet many prefer NOT to cook directly onto aluminum.

Another metal used a lot on cookware is Stainless Steel. Stainless Steel is a very durable metal, is dishwasher safe, and adds beauty to cookware. The problem with Stainless Steel is that it is horrible at conducting and distributing heat.

To get the best of both worlds such as durability and beauty, AND good heat conductivity, manufacturers use Stainless Steel on the outside, encapsulating an aluminum layer(s) for good heat conductivity. That is, you have a layer(s) of Aluminum sandwiched between Stainless Steel.

Five-Ply (or Multi-Layer) = SS + AL + SS + AL + SS; where SS is Stainless Steel and AL is Aluminum.

The Stainless Steel in this set is 18/10. The 18/10 refers to the ratio of Chromium to Nickel, these pans have 18% chromium and 10% nickel.. Chromium is a tough hard metal. Nickel is corrosion resistant and creates a brighter polish. Also nickel adds more cost to stainless steel, so 18/10 stainless steel will usually cost more than 18/8 stainless steel, and especially cost more than 18/0 stainless steel.

A good multi-Ply set of cookware will have Aluminum encapsulated on the bottom of the cookware, and all the way up the SIDES of the cookware for better heat distribution. These Made-In pans have aluminum on the bottom and up the SIDES which is a sign of good cookware.

Warning, if you see a round disc at the bottom of the cookware, then only the...

Thank you so much for your thorough evaluation of your new cookware, Kimberly!
Best 2qt Pot Ever!

I love this pot. It's the perfect size for doing small batches of oatmeal, quinoa and rice. Amanda can attest to my satisfaction after I burnt the pot by forgetting sugar water on my stove. Pot cleaned up like new! Cudos on a great product.

Thank you so much, June! We are all still impressed with your photos :). Thank you so much for taking the time to reach out with your email and review!
Great skillet

Works perfect on my smoothtop range. I am so glad that I was able to find such a great skillet made right here in the greatest country in the world!

This is great to hear, Mary! Thank you!
Really great pan for smaller tasks

The quality in these pans must be seen and held to be appreciated. They are so well crafted and beautiful and the performance is superior.

Thank you, Colleen! I appreciate you taking the time to leave your review!
Everything as advertised

I purchased the kitchen sink and immediately after taking my cookware out of the box I noticed that quality is a high priority at Made In. It is a well made product. The cookware distributes heat very well and makes cooking a breeze. I would recommend this cookware.

Thank you so much, Tony!

Great !!!!!!!

Thanks, Deborah!
Great pan

Everything from this company has been super high quality. You can tell a lot of effort goes into the manufacturing.

Thank you, Sean! We appreciate your kind words!
Love Made In Cookware

Love this pan so much I ordered the 2 quart!!

I'm so happy to hear how much you're loving your cookware, Katherine!
Outstanding pan!

I bought this pan and lid as a replacement for my typical ply bottom 3 qt stovetop pot. When I opened the box, I knew I had something special- well-constructed, beautiful satin finish- and came with a free bottle of stainless steel cleaner! It's been over 3 weeks and I use it almost every meal. I use it to steam smaller batches of vegetables, to make rice because my electric rice cooker broke (it heats so evenly, the rice comes out perfect), for sauces (I take pride in my sauces), and for small braises such as my slow-cooked "Grandpa's Green Beans" which begin with sautéed pancetta and onion. I am looking forward to replacing much of my old cookware with Made In in the future. I love the fact it is a product not only designed in but also made in the USA. Made In cookware looks professional, cooks with control and predictability, and cleans up beautifully. I would recommend this saucier to anyone who truly wants to cook a lifetime of good food.

John, Grandpa's Green Beans sound AMAZING! I'm so thrilled to hear how much you're enjoying your saucier. Thank you for taking the time to leave such a thoughtful review!
Newest go to pan

Good combination of size, balance, and weight; good lid as well. Great for a variety of uses.

Thank you so much!
I like it!! Glad we got one, missed it the 1st time

Perfect for melting butter (with a little garlic or shallot). Just the right size for a quick sauce for the two of us. Perfect pan with the right amount of weight and a breeze to clean up. Denise thinks it's cute though...

I'm with Denise-it is pretty cute! I'm so glad you're enjoying your cookware!
Love it.

Quality made. Looking forward to cooking in this for years. Great customer service as well. Thanks y’all

Thanks so much, Ralph!
Made In review exceptional product

Hi Amanda, Product arrived with great packaging and style...but frying pan was even better . I use it all the time and have referred other to your products ...Very happy customer. Wishing MADE IN all good luck in there efforts to make a great product here in the USA !!

Thank you so much, William! I appreciate you taking the time to leave such awesome feedback!
Made in sauce pan

Love my new sauce pan. It cooks evenly, cleans up quickly and is nice and shinny. Thinking about buying this pan as christmas gifts for my families. I can compare it to all clad. All clad are great and so is Made in.....Made in are a lot lighter in weight.

I'm so happy to hear you're enjoying your saucepan, Arlene! Thanks for taking the time to leave your review.
Replaced cookware

I came across Made In Cookware while looking to replace my cookware that was left behind during a move. Made In is now being used daily in my kitchen. It’s my favorite and I’ll be ordering more. I love everything about it!

I'm so glad you found us, Orlando! Thank you for leaving your review!
I love my pots!

I'm not a gourmet cook but I like good equipment....these are very nice pots and they clean up easily.

I'm so glad you are enjoying your cookware, Kathy!
Excellent Cookware

When we needed to get all new cookware for our induction cooktop in our house, we discovered Made In Cookware. The Made In Cookware "Core" set was perfect for our minimal kitchen. We could not be more satisfied with the products. Each pan cooks evenly, is easy to clean, and it well balanced. Some of the pieces were on backorder when we ordered the set on sale, and the customer service was outstanding when had questions. We will be returning in the future as our kitchen grows!

This just made my day, Corey! I am so glad you're enjoying your cookware. You were a pleasure to work with, and I appreciate you taking the time to leave your review!