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Wonderful little set

I had been researching knife sets for awhile and am very happy with my decision to go with Made In. I got the 3 knife set and they are exactly what I need. The red handles are very cool and feel fresh in my kitchen. Some other brands I checked out were absurdly sharp which may be what some people were after but I find that these knives do exactly what I need them to without making me afraid of them. On top of that they look great. I feel like a real adult now.

The Best!!

This pan instantly improves your cooking. Heats up fast and evenly. Nailing the perfect steak consistently is easy with this pan even with induction heat. So impressed I ended up purchasing the sous chef set.

Liked the pan so much I bought another one for my son's birthday.

I got the 12" non stick skillet. Excellent pan very well made and the coating is the best one I've used.

Good quality pan I will use often

I seasoned the pan as recommended and have used it several times, and it has retained the seasoning. It is a great pan, and all that you would expect with this fabrication. The only negative is the size of the cooking area itself is a bit small - be sure to check the flat bottom dimension before you buy, I think it is only about 7.5" on the 10" pan. I would have returned for the 12", but do not want the added weight. Still, a good pan I am sure I will use for years.

So good we want more

I bought this wok as a Christmas gift for my husband- he loves to make stir fry for our family and we recently switched to an induction range. If you can care for cast iron you can care for these pans. Easy to season, nothing sticks, and it heats quickly and evenly. He loves it so much he told me we should buy another carbon steel pan to replace one of our too heavy cast iron skillets.

Steel frying pan

I am the proud processor of 3 Beautiful cast iron
Skill it’s. Have used them for years. I now own a beautiful new blue carbon steel skillet. I have used it several times now and must admit I love it. I love the shape, the feel, and the lighter weight. Most of all I love the way it cooks, maintains even temp and the design of the handle. No more little stub handles. I am very satisfied with my purchase.

Excellent quality and great value

The pan has performed great so far, very even and quick heating on our induction cooktop, and has a nice weight to it as well. The quality of the handle, which doesn't cut into your hand, the rivets, and the cooking surface itself are great. We look forward to using this every week.

We love our new pan!

My husband and I love to cook and after reading the story in the WSJ, we had to try one. No regrets. Seasoning a new pan is super important (we know that from cast iron). It browns superbly, heats evenly and has a handle that stays cool. Breakfast eggs look and taste great! Thank you!

Perfect pan

Just right for daughter and son in law who constantly stir fry!

I Love my new Made In frying pan!

Wonderful pan to cook with once seasoned. Great weight and balance.

Better than anticipated

Bought these for my wife and we are totally in love with the quality and craftsmanship of these pans. Immediately we seasoned and began cooking, looking forward to future purchases to round out our cookware using this company. If you are looking for high quality pans, these are it.

We luv this pan it is a great size! Perfect for roasting so many things! We have only used it a few times but with great success!

12" Blue Carbon Steel Frying Pan

I work part time as a cook but purchased the 12" pan for home use. I use it several times a week. The weight of the pan is correct for me. The handle has an indentation for most of it's length which helps with the grip. The pan heats up quickly, and from what I can tell, heats very evenly. The sides of the pan are the high and can easily accommodates a half pound of cooked pasta for when you are making an Italian dish and need to combine pasta with cooked ingredients. Once seasoned, it's just like a non-stick pan. The cost of the pan is in line with similar types but I would recommend giving this pan a try ahead of the others.

Love it and the wok and the nonstick pan we bought too.

luv this pan/material

make sure you break it in good. This pan will take some heat! Very nice.

Superior in every way

This Saucepan is superior in every way. It looks great, handles well, and distributes heat evenly. I’m very happy with this new addition to my kitchen!

8 Inch Chef Knife

New to stainless steel cooking

The pot cleans up very nicely, the pot is made very well. So far just positive about the purchase. Won’t hesitate to buy additional products from this company

Frying Pans
Best frying pan EVER!

Perfect pan and EXCELLENT customer service! Buy these pans, highly recommend!!

Frying Pans

Another GREAT product from Made-In !

Another GREAT product from Made-In! Nothing sticks, durable and easy to clean. Great price too.


I love my universal lid. Easy to use, fits all my pans. The silicone protection makes cleaning a breeze! One of the best investments I have made in my kitchen. Quality made too!

8" non stick frying pan

This is by far the best non-stick frying pan I have ever used. The heat is perfectly distributed... and guess what... it never sticks. I take really good care of it because I want this one to last.

Peace out, cast iron!

Had this for almost a month and it has completely replaced my cast iron. It cooks just as well (if not better), and was non-stick enough to cook eggs a day in. It’s also much more light weight and easier to control the temperature. And easier to clean since it’s so much smoother than (modern) cast iron. Bought someone a cheaper, name-brand carbon steel pan for a gift, but it has that bumpy cast iron texture. Definitely glad I spent the extra money on this super smooth version!