A close-up of a kitchen knife with a wooden handle and a patterned steel blade, next to a hanging tag marking it as "MADE IN."

Limited Edition
Damascus Bunka

Experience Japanese Craftsmanship

A close-up of a kitchen knife with a wooden handle shows "MADE IN" inscribed on the blade, alongside its packaging tag repeating the phrase.

Damascus Bunka

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  • Limited-Edition Damascus Bunka
  • 8"
  • $259


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Learn about our favorite design features that make up the newest addition to our limited-edition knife collection.

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Features and Benefits

Why You'll Love It

Close-up of a kitchen knife with a wooden handle and "MADE IN" text on the blade, spotlighted against a dark background.

1 of 1000

To mark our debut Japanese-made knife, only 1000 Bunkas were produced. Don't miss this opportunity to own history.

A person in an apron finely chops herbs on a wooden cutting board with a large chef's knife.

Japanese Precision

The VG10 Core has a higher carbon content than our other knives so your blade stays sharper for longer. The 33-layer Damascus pattern ensures no two blades are the same.

A wooden-handled pocket knife lies on a tan oval background, casting a slight shadow.

Padauk Wood Handle

A durable, coarse-grained heartwood in Made In's signature shape featuring a custom mosaic pin.

A higher-grade carbon steel with a Western-style bolster and handle

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