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pouring red wine into wine glasses

It's Time To Upgrade Your Wine Glasses

Elevate Every Bottle with Perfectly Balanced, Expertly Crafted Wine Glasses.

Whether you consider yourself an amateur sommelier or choose wine based on the label, you deserve wine glasses that will enhance every bottle. Here’s why the new Made In Wine Glasses are what you (and your wine) deserve.

Premium Two-Piece Construction

Each glass begins as pure quartz sourced from Austria's natural mineral deposits. It’s then formed from two pieces: The stem is machine-pulled from the bowl, creating a seamless transition, and the foot is welded onto the stem to serve as both a base and a counterweight. The White Wine Glass is similarly adaptable, with a narrower profile that can still handle full-bodied Viogner but also suits sparkling effervescents. The structure keeps aromas more concentrated, while the height encourages them to flow onto your palate.

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Thin, Laser-Cut Edge

At just 1.5mm thick, the laser-cut, lipless edge of our Wine Glass allows the glass to melt away and the wine to flow smoothly onto your palate, so there’s nothing getting in the way of what you’re drinking.

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Proprietary Universal Design

Our proprietary designs for all-purpose Red and White Wine Glasses took two years to perfect, but the resulting stems enhance virtually any bottle. A wide, decanter-style bowl optimizes aeration of both bold and delicate reds, while the narrower profile of our White Wine Glass concentrates aromas and amplifies white and rosé wines, both still or sparkling.

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Surprising Durability

The absence of impurities in our raw materials results in more structural integrity and fewer potential breaking points in the finished glass. This leaves you with a surprisingly durable, snap-resistant Wine Glass. They’re even dishwasher safe up to 1,500 cycles—in fact, that’s our recommended method of cleaning (top rack, use a rinse aid).

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Craftsmanship-First Design

Our years-in-the-making proprietary shape is, in the words of wine expert Alicia Towns Franken, “absolutely perfect.” Watch our co-founder, President, and wine glass aficionado Jake Kalick go behind the design of what makes our Wine Glasses so special.

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Learn From Expert Sommelier Alicia Towns Franken

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