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Wine Glasses


Whether you consider yourself an amateur sommelier or choose wine based on the label, you deserve wine glasses that will enhance every bottle. Here’s why the new Made In Wine Glasses are what you (and your wine) deserve.

Durable and Dishwasher-Safe

Some high-end glassware requires coddling, but hand-cleaning can be time consuming—so we ensured our Wine Glasses were durable enough for dishwashers (up to 1,500 cycles, to be exact). In fact, that’s our recommended method of cleaning when stored on the top rack and with use of a rinse aid.

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Balanced, Two-Piece Construction

Rather than treating the bowl, stem, and foot as three separate pieces to each be attached, —which can cause seams and weak points—the stem is pulled directly from the bowl, creating a seamless transition. The foot, at an equal weight to the bowl, is then welded onto the stem to serve as both a base and a counterweight.

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Premium Manufacturer

Each glass begins as pure quartz sourced from Austria's natural mineral deposits, then molded and machine-blown by 11th-generation German artisans. To finish, the top of the bowl is laser cut to achieve an elegantly thin edge, followed by a fire polish on the entire piece.

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"Less than an hour after unboxing them, one of the white wine glasses got knocked off a three foot high counter, fell on to a hard tile floor, bounced twice and didn’t break! Highly recommended!"

Craftsmanship-First Design

Our years-in-the-making proprietary shape is, in the words of wine expert Alicia Towns Franken, “absolutely perfect.” Watch our co-founder, President, and wine glass aficionado Jake Kalick go behind the design of what makes our Wine Glasses so special.

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Learn From Expert Sommelier Alicia Towns Franken

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