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  • Tower
  • $569
Our 5-tier tower of Coupe Glasses is the best way to celebrate in style.
  • Made in Italy
  • Set of 56
  • Titanium Reinforced Stem
  • Dishwasher Safe

There’s no celebration that our Coupe Tower can’t make sweeter. Delightfully over the top, this 56-stem set is blown in Parma, Italy. There, artisans pair age-old regional tradition with modern glass blowing technologies to craft glassware that’s free of heavy metals, as clear as pure quartz, and 140% more resistant to breakage—resulting in a glass that feels thin and elegant yet never fragile.

A wide bowl releases the aromas of your pour, helping your bouquet bloom for a fuller, more nuanced flavor profile. Its 1920s-inspired design elevates any cocktail and provides a wide stage for garnishes.
With five layers of Coupe Glasses, the Coupe Tower provides endless toasts to your most special celebrations. Shop the center-stage Coupe Tower.

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Long lasting quality starts with the best materials and our expert manufacturers. With the right upkeep and maintenance, our cookware is designed to last generations.

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We completely fitted the restaurant with Made In equipment and it is just killing it, we haven’t dented a piece, lost a piece, lost a handle yet.

Tom Colicchio

Founder of Crafted Hospitality
New York, NY
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Even if you’re not a professional chef, having that equipment immediately makes you better. It makes cooking so much easier.

Grant Achatz

Chef of Alinea, Owner of Alinea Group
Chicago, IL
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