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A More Sustainable Recipe

Our Ingredients

Ethical Factories

Instead of discarding scrap metal or clay, our factories in the USA and Europe reuse and repurpose these pieces to ensure nothing goes to waste and no excess trash is produced throughout our manufacturing processes.

Packaging and Shipping

Being sustainable doesn’t just mean crafting high quality products, it means reinventing how we package and deliver our cookware to you. For example, we’ve replaced plastic liners with dust bags, a more sustainable option that can easily be reused.

Recycling Program

When you purchase our cookware, we offer an option to help you recycle your old pans in an effort to reduce the amount of trash that goes into our planet’s landfills.

Designed to Last

By sourcing the highest quality materials and working with the best artisans and factories in the world, we strive to create products that can be passed down for generations.

How It's Made Matters

At Made In, we believe that making the right choice should be as easy as cracking an egg. That’s why we partner with the best, ethical factories around the world, source only the highest quality materials, and share those stories with you. We believe that what it’s made in and how it’s made, matters.

“The idea is that you buy it once, and you invest in something that’ll last." - Jake Kalick, President & Co-Founder


At our Bakeware facility in France, defective porcelain is reused to make reflective roads that help increase visibility at night without the use of electricity. In order to reduce their carbon footprint, the facility has insulated their baking kilns to decrease energy loss by 50%. The heat produced by the kiln also provides warmth for 75% of the facility’s workshops.


Our Non Stick Factory in the USA is working towards reducing the amount of waste produced, water used, and energy consumed. Last year, they were able to cut emissions by 24% and decrease waste by 33.8%. In fact, 34.5% of the manufacturing and R&D locations had zero landfilled processed waste.


At our England Plateware Factory, 100% of all excess clay is recycled and repurposed, and less than 0.4% of total waste heads to the landfill. This makes it one of the most sustainable processes in the world.

Designed to Last

We work with artisans in the USA and Europe who have been honing their craft for generations, to make cookware of the highest quality. Our cookware is designed to perform under the most rigorous conditions and is designed to last, so you can cook with it again and again.


We strive to use sustainable materials when packing our products. We’ve replaced plastic liners with dust bags, a more sustainable option that can easily be reused. We also reuse as many packing materials as possible.



In an effort to reduce emissions and our carbon footprint, if you place an order and two shipments need to be made, we've created the option to hold products so everything can go out all at once. It may take a little longer to get to you, but it’ll be worth it when it does.


Recycling Program

To keep waste out of our landfills, we

offer an option

to help you recycle your old cookware. At checkout, we ask if you’d like us to send you a shipping label. When it arrives, just pack up your old cookware, send it to us, and we’ll melt it down to create brand new pots and pans. So far, this has kept over 1,400 tons of usable material out of landfills. So far, over 1200 customers have participated in our cookware recycling program.


Habitat For Humanity Partnership

We’ve partnered with select Habitat for Humanity Restores in the United States so you can upgrade your kitchen with Made In and feel good knowing your old cookware will be given a new life or recycled. As of July 2020, we have repurposed over 2,000 pans and counting.


We Believe How It's Made, Matters

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